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Boys Toys

Now we’re getting to the bottom of things as Trump claims his button is bigger and more powerful than Kim Young One. And Trump’s works.

Boys Toys.





And I received a late Christmas present a few days ago.

It’s Horny and All Butter.



What a load of Willies.



Who is the Enemy and where is the Enemy ?



The War is in the Mind. And it’s Ova. All is Hallowed and all is Holey.

Reality is there is no division. ‘What do you mean, it’s not real ?’

18 With A Bullet.


‘I’m eighteen with a bullet
Got my finger on the trigger, I’m gonna pull it
I’m picked to click now
I’m a son-of-a-gun.

So hold it right there little girl, little girl
We’re gonna have big fun.

I may be an oldie, but I’m a goodie, too
I’ll last forever and I’ll be good to you
Oh, yes I will.’


We are now ’18. Time to grow up.


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    • TTN

      From Soul. And the divided penisula.

      ‘SEOUL—North and South Korean officials tested a special hotline for the first time in almost two years Wednesday, signaling a tentative thaw on the divided peninsula and highlighting differences between Seoul and Washington over how to deal with a nuclear-armed Pyongyang.’

  1. Really interesting Mandela connection on page 2 from Roob.

    Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Ambassador Zindziswa Nobutho Mandela, was hosted by the Queen of Denmark for a 2018 New Year’s reception.

    You may recall she was also at the Premiere of the film Long Walk to Freedom with Wlm and Kate when news broke her father had died.

    And since the SpaceX launch is at 8pm, will we be privy to the same sky spectacle as Californians saw in the last launch? Guess we’ll find out Friday night.

    And because I feel like it…and because Fridays Rule. 🙂

  2. Just one more ramble about the weather.

    And thanks to Highlander for confirming in the previous post, that ‘a great Joy is coming’. ❤

    'Bomb Cyclone' to 'blast' east coast before polar vortex 'uncorks' tremendous cold late this week.

    It's winter storm Grayson. Fifty Shades Freed. Live with it. Something's gonna give. Let it go.

    • *Ah yes, Clicky, but don’t forget Lucy also smoked Chesterfields…*

      *So weird… /lights up… I was re-listening to A, B, C just last night…*

      */drags… Clicky, people are either gonna listen to that or they ain’t… /blows smoke ring… Nice to see Philip Morris blitzkrieg the Tobacco Controllers though, eh?… /grins…*

          • Below is a road to Damascus for anyone who wants to walk it.

            ^Command and Control – Nuclear Missiles in America | Complete PBS Documentary^

            Above…below…all roads lead to the same place.
            Damascus, Arkansas –,_Arkansas

            The documentary in the YouTube video above is quite good. A shade long, but great. It has one common theme.
            1980 Damascus Titan Missile Explosion –

            Once you figure out that common theme, things get twisty in all directions from there.

            Assuming that “a deep state” and/or “deep states” exist, I wonder if it’s possible to explain needs for “deep states” to future generations?

            Or is that “how it works”? Some are saddled with the burden(s), while others are spared that pain?
            374th Strategic Missile Squadron –

            Wasn’t Pakistan in the news recently? Didn’t they aid in some way/ways in this “War On Terror”?

            Information on sub-kiloton yield nuclear weapons is hard to come by. But you can prolly find some stuff out there if you can get past the “Tactical” and “Strategic” nonsense nested within the “low-yield/high-yield” crap.

            ^Blinded by the Light ~ Manfred Mann’s Earth Band with lyrics^

            There’s nothing we can’t see coming. Cept for the crap we can’t see coming.
            Must not be listening or something.
            Ben Underwood –
            Feeling is prolly sometimes important too.

            ^Living with an angel: Ben Underwood’s story^

            Sorry for spamming up your blog Frank. ❤

              • A bit that I saw on Twitter last night showed the aircraft’s flight tracking, and showed it deviating down in southwest Texas somewhere, and then turning southeast and then out into The Gulf of Mexico. I’ve seen something like/similar to this before, but cannot recall offhand the specifics. I personally was wondering how far out into The Gulf an aircraft has to wander before being intercepted. I’m sure things are different in this so-called “Post 9/11 World” of ours. Lots to think about contextually.

                I just saw this image above in the Tweet below.

                The image made me think of these Omega Gates and Alpha Loops that I see everywhere. The “larger” more distinguishable bits are in and of themselves, amazing. But it’s what is going on inside that makes them in the first place, and when you start zooming in and out, they’re quite incredible. However, when you get on the outside of these formations? Wowza. Shit gets weird. Impressive and confounding, but weird.

                Image above kinda makes me think about that plane a bit tho because of some knowledge about how things move in this area.
                Tweet is below.

                • Cade

                  This is where it gets weird. It always get weird these days.

                  It was flying to Georgetown.

                  A few hours ago, I was looking up the death of Hansie Cronje who was the captain of the South African cricket team but it was discovered taking bribes from an Indian betting syndicate. Elon Musk is sending Zuma into the air tomorrow and I was following the South Africa trail.

                  Anyway to cut a long story short, he crashed into a mountain on his way to George which is a town in South Africa. Lots of rumours.


                  • Cade.

                    I don’t know if this will interest you or not.

                    MK Ultra – Sidney Gottlieb.

                    Fort Worth and UT, Austin.

                    Subproject 119 – mirror 911 – and Subproject 138.


                    119 dealt with remote electronic and microwave technology.

                    And 138. Which may explain Charles Whitman’s headaches. IDK.

                    Subproject 138. ‘Conducted at the University of Texas at Austin in 1961, this subproject involved the creation of biomedical sensors. Its subjects were unwilling. Under the umbrella of MKULTRA, several researchers also investigated the use of brain implants.’

                    • Sooooo…what creeps in the shadows here, is an argument as to who can kill who, and when, and under what circumstances. What constitutes “first strike justification” from a defensive posture, that remains defensive under any and all legal pretenses. 1984 “thought-crime” meets Minority Report “pre-crime”. Justification.

                      Creating a flaw that is applicable to all.
                      Patching the same crack is perceived as an attack.
                      Using both laws to create an escape clause.

                      It’s a moot point. Anything will fly for a while. Maybe even long enough to shield what is being done in the shadow of this flight while distracting with the obvious of the flight itself. Once the flight ends, all can shuffle their feet, look sorry, be forgiven, then saunter off to congratulate themselves on a job/jobs well-hidden.

                      The problem with that is this…on this planet, everything is always flying. Realize it or not, even in our most still and steady of states, we are in motion, filled with motion(s), and always moving and surround by other shit that is moving as well. Beyond that is…discussion for another time.

                      Anyway…saw this today because this guy on Twitter is piecing together some questions. One was why an anesthesiologist/pilot wouldn’t recognize signs of hypoxia. But aviation differs from mountaineering due to the periods in which altitudes/virtual peaks are summited in aircraft.

                      Much like anywhere and everywhere else, there are weird pathways in the sky/skies.

                      The Bermuda Triangle is prolly much more dynamic than just and only three points of significance. We tend to get linear and stay there.

                      So I guess that can get us back to not only MH370, but also AF447, and also…

                      That’s just my thinking up to this point.

                      No idea what any of that means, but I’ve some ideas.

                      Moving shit out of the way so that you can do whatever it is that you want to do is going to have consequences. I’m thinking primarily radar here, but electrical power generation and other high-energy stuff works here too. Time is tumblers. If you run a rigid something over a piece of cloth, it will rend. Within the fabric of space and time, there will eventually be a slip. Meaning, if there are processes in place to accommodate rends/rifts, and there are, there’s no telling what the timeframes on these process will be, because we tend to focus on the ripping and not the repair. If we are thinking about both?

                      Thinking in Relativistic terms might help with understanding some of the theory, but applicability is applicable. Meaning: “planes” don’t go down…people do. Without a constant change of attitude to maintain a relative altitude, you are going to meet one of two things…the ground, or the void. There’s a fine line there.

                      Power controls altitude.
                      Pitch controls airspeed.

                      Just typing as I think. /shrug

                      ^No Mana feat. Cafcat – Lethargy^

                    • Carbon Monoxide in the cockpit is a possibility. I’ve not looked up the type of aircraft, but the heating in some small planes comes from the engine exhaust. Most small aircraft owners install Carbon Monoxide detectors in their aircraft in the fall because they start to use their heater as the weather gets colder. Some keep Carbon Monoxide detectors in their aircraft all the time, because even when off, sometimes, the heating system “leaks” into the cockpit. Meaning, the heater is switched off, but it’s mechanical, so the potential that it is still “on slightly” exists. As a result, the potential for elevated Carbon Monoxide levels in the cockpit is always a danger.

                      Just sayin’.

                  • FRANK,

                    Cronje died in that plane crash on 1/6/2002 and 1+6+2+2 = 11.
                    Hansie Cronje = 8+1+14+19+9+5 + 3+18+15+14+10+5 = 121 (English Ordinal)
                    121 = 11×11
                    6+6 letters
                    Hansie = 56 and 5+6 = 11 or 7×8
                    Cronje = 65 and 6+5 = 11 or 5×13
                    56 is mirror of 65.
                    Initials HC = 11
                    From 1/6/2002 to 2/1/2017 (Seabed Constructor departs Durban for Perth) = 187 months between dates or 11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11 months.
                    Initials SC = 11+11.
                    In the Bible the number 11 stands for antichrist where in Daniel the 11th horn comes out of the 10 horns (powers).

      • Sounds like a call out. /pun(s) intended.

        Not shocking really. The best way to get a desired response within secure communication(s) is to cleverly plant something on one end while you listen on the other. Much like US Intelligence did in World War II with respect to the suspected “AF” designation Japanese Intelligence’s had for Midway Island. US Intel planted a message that Midway Island’s water system was out, and the Japanese intercepted the US message, then transmitted their own message through their own channels to the effect of “AF Water System Out”. (or something like that)
        Message received…loud and clear.

        ^Unloveable – Smiths^

        Moon Dialer Uh Feckt
        Man Dolla Effect

        ^Judas Priest – Night Crawler^

        For what it’s worth, amongst the crazy theories, theorizing and theorizers, it once occurred to me a coupla things I had never pondered before.
        If God/the gods/spirits/ghosts/demons/whatthefuckever do in fact exist…
        1. They prolly speak English, and most likely speak it quite well.
        2. They prolly have Internet access, and may even have/be their own ISP.
        This may seem silly to some, and may even seem obvious to those “in the know”. But it never occurred to me. We’re always taught, that gods of ANY kind, from any time, any place, are these stuck up pricks who speak only some mystical gobbledygook no one understands, and they only speak it to and/or through a few select individuals. All you really need to do is see a tree or a sunset/sunrise to see, at minimum, The Universe speaking. Some are satisfied with a nod or a wink, some, not so much and need to travel a different path. I see nothing wrong with either, nor any, but that’s me.

        ^”Souvenir” lyric video – SWIMM^

        I was talking to Roob about some shiznit, mainly commincations and communicating, and made the following assertion…
        You can pour the entire ocean through a drinking straw. It’s just going to take time to do so.

        People have their stories to tell. Many are just writing them, and you’ll never know them. Are you worried about their stories? Or just and only your own. Something weird about that JLL assertion tho. Maybe there’s some distance to travel down that path.
        /me shrugs

        Anyway, lotta people trying to work a lot of shit out. What the fucking rush? If you wanna see something, that’s no guarantee as to when you are going to actually see it. Ain’t cho fucks ever heard of reruns? 😉

        Supposedly, we live in a big place, but occupy a small spot covered in small spots, and on an on. Takes a while to figure shit out sometimes. Some times sometimes differ from other times. I dunno. I’m just one person surrounded by a shitload of one persons and a fuckton of other life and lives.

        Lots to think about there.
        /shrug averted

        ^SWIMM – Man’s Man (Official Video)^

          • I went and read it/reading it. Thanks Clicky.

            All modern microprocessors, including those that run smartphones, are built to essentially guess what functions they’re likely to be asked to run next. By queuing up possible executions in advance, they’re able to crunch data and run software much faster.

            This is nothing new so I guess I don’t see the issue. TSR’s, or, Terminate Stay Resident and that type of development thinking is the norm. Computing is about getting in line, staying in line, making it to the head of the line, then STAYING at the head of the line. Stacks and stacking. This goes for Operating Systems, the programs that run on them, as well as the hardware that allows all this shit to run.

            Seems to me that the best way to shut a door, is to not open it in the first place. And that’s what is being attempted in computing…0-work. Everything does their own thing, their own way, and everyone gets along great.
            Q: If you have a computer that is running perfectly in every way, then turn around and use that computer to develop things that cause other computers to NOT run perfect or NOT run well or NOT run at all, what does that say about perfection?
            A: ???

            If you have systems that are designed to keep control, establish order and fight to keep that control and order, all while causing the subsystems to do the same below you…eventually someone is going to force their way to the front/top in such a way as to cause the “top dog(s)” to start fighting themselves. Meaning, whatever this is that has worked it’s way to the top is so fucking similar to the system that controls everything, that this top system cannot distinguish itself from whatever this new variable is. Kinda like emulation, but that’s not what we are talking about. We’re talking about chains of events, that are thought, to start and stop, but they don’t. There is always residual and residuals, and it’s kind of funny to “think” that “people think” something has started and/or stopped, when the gears are still turning about these events in their minds.

            Anyway, if something were designed in a way to give way to anything trying to force their way forward? This would allow some freedom to identify “the problem” within computing. But that’s not how we think. We think command and control. Conquer and overcome. We never think about turning a solid wall into Swiss Cheese and letting these opposing forces continue on their way. I mean, some do I’m sure. Kinda like having a child throwing a tantrum, and an adult simply holding them at bay until both of them can figure out how best to proceed.

            Lots to think about there with respect to a lot of medical issues. I’ll spare further rambling in that direction, but memory and memories seem to be what is being questioned here. But computer designers, engineers or whatever, have put a lot of thought into their work. If you turn everything into weapons, a state of war exists…period. A shield is as much of a weapon as sword or spear.

            I shouldn’t have to walk through the entirety of my life with Kevlar® clothing.
            But I guess anything worth protecting, is worth protecting…eh?™
            If fuck on the first date.℠
            I’m Cade F.O.N Apollyon…and WELCOME, to Blabbalot.©
            Or Camel Lot.©
            Or whatever…maybe none of those. Prolly none of those. Yeah…none of those.
            We’ll figure it out. If not, someone will.

            Anyway, there’s a conundrum within AC power itself with respect to computing.
            AC Power = Back And Forth, kinda like sawing.
            Computing = In/Out/Through, kinda like channeling.
            Power Grid = Funneling via Back and Forth
            I get the feeling that this is where much of Benoit Mendlebrot’s work originates. These power-based systems rely and depend on consumption. They never count on leaks, cept to expect them and plug the hole(s) when/where they occur while leaving the rest of the shit as is. But that’s the nature of time I guess. I dunno. Lot’s to think about there. Why do holes form? I’m guessing some cause and effect kinds of things prolly, but that’s just me.

            I digress.

            ^Jay Lumen – Babel (Original Mix)^

  3. MH370 is in the news again on 3/1/2018.
    A company named Ocean Infinity has a 90 day contract for $91 million should they find the wreckage of MH370 which went missing on 8/3/2014.
    Their Norweigian ship Seabed Constructor sailed from Durban, South Africa on 2/1/2018.
    The flaperon from MH370 was found on Reunion Island on 26/7/2015, some 508 days after the plane went missing.
    MH = 138 + 370 = 508.
    From 26/7/2015 to 2/1/2018 = 888 days!!!
    Jesus in Greek = 888!!!

    Same Sex Marriage was made law in the USA on 26/6/2015.
    Same Sex Marriage Bill passed the Australian Upper House (Senate) of Parliament on 29/11/2017.
    From 26/6/2015 to 29/11/2017 = 888 days.

    From 29/11/2017 (Aus Senate passes SSM Bill) to 2/1/2018 (Seabed Constructor sails from Durban) = 33 days between dates.

    From 29/11/2017 to 7/2/2018 (Seabed Constructor arr Perth) = 70 days.
    From 8/23/2015 (MH370 missing) to 7/2/2018 = 1432 days or 8×179 days.
    1432+2341 = 3773 or 77X7X7.
    Remember also that the Hebrew gematria for the first verse of the Holy Bible = 2701 = 37×73 and 2701 + 1072 = 3773.
    So MH370 and 7/2/2017, are linked to the first verse of the Bible with a company named Ocean Infinity.

    So 1432 days = 8×179 days.
    Is 179 special? Ian Mallett thinks so and God thinks so too. See below –

    “The seven Hebrew word values of Genesis 1:1 are listed here, together with their prime factors:

    913 (11 x 83), 203 (7 x 29), 86 (2 x 43), 401 (401), 395 (5 x 79), 407 (11 x 37), 296 (2 x 2 x 2 x 37)

    The HPF (highest prime/prime factor) of each of the seven word values is highlighted in red. The sum of these seven figures, 83 + 29 + 43 + 401 + 79 + 37 + 37, is prime 709.

    The order numbers of these seven prime numbers counting 1 as prime are: 24, 11,15, 80, 23, 13, 13 and the sum of these is prime 179.

    The sum of the HPF’s of each of the seven Hebrew word values of Genesis 1:1 709 plus the sum of their order numbers 179 is 888, the Greek gematria of JESUS.

    Here is yet another numeric signature confirming the Divine authorship of these words and yet another example of many to be found in this first verse of the Bible that God thinks 1 is prime! If 1 is not counted as prime, this sum of the HPF’s and their order numbers would be the rather nondescript prime 881.” – end quote.

    From 2/1/2017 to 7/2/2018 it will take Seabed Constructor 6×6 days to get to Perth from Durban.

  4. More on “George” and airplane crashes from a new article on Henry Makow’s website –
    MI-5 Used Terror Groups to Assassinate Leaders
    “In 1997, John F. Kennedy Jr., the publisher of ‘George’ magazine, incurred widespread establishment wrath for running an article blaming the Israeli internal secret service, Shin Bet, for the murder of Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yitzhak Rabin. Kennedy Jr. had also made it clear he did not accept the official version of his father’s death. In 1999 Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash – many elements of which remain unexplained.”
    George = 42+30+90+108+42+30 = 342 (Sumerian)
    342 = 18×18+18 or [(6+6+6)x(6+6+6)] + (6+6+6).
    3+4+2 = 3+3+3
    3x4x2 = 8+8+8.


  6. The natural progression we can expect from Google – Google Assist>>>>>>Google Control>>>>>Google Instruct>>>>>>Google Accuse>>>>>Google Convict>>>>Google Sentence.

  7. To all,

    Well I identified with the Little Mermaid with her sword of Truth, but have been left thinking What am I supposed to do? what am I supposed to say?

    What is it that separates me from all us other oppressed, silent WOMEN?

    Well, I’ve discovered something I can’t PROVE, but that I THINK explains it all!

    I worked for VOGUE, for 22 years…..

    I always wondered and even commented on how they always got rid of the “good ones”….

    Why in the bathroom, I always looked like SHIT until I realized it was the lighting, and that on other floors, I actually LOOKED GOOD…..

    Why this THING, this so-called “woman” terrorized people so….

    Why she never struck any fear in me because I just couldn’t figure her out!

    And that I’ve finally solved the PUZZLE!

    I always hated VOGUE for being a “woman’s magazine” that was so anti-woman!

    Me, for example, on staff…. treated like utter below status shit.


    Well it now makes PERFECT sense if OK, you know, I know, I may be putting my LIFE on the line here, but f- it, I am so sick of this BULLSHIT!

    It makes perfect sense that “Anna” is utterly insane and JEALOUS of little ol me, you know why???

    Because I AM a woman.

    And “she” is not.

    Not! Not! NOT!


    So KILL ME NOW, you crazy reptilian demon BITCH.

    • Anna hates me and ALL WOMEN because we don’t need makeup to be beautiful.

      Anna hates me and ALL WOMEN because our skin is soft, doesn’t need foundation! And IN FACT women have found when they go long periods of NOT WASHING THEIR FACE their skin is even BETTER! God has provided women with the natural oils and body sloughing processes to make them desirable for their MEN….

      BTW Karlie KLOSS is featured as a transgender in Mr. E’s vids….. So is Giselle…. so is um, that Vikander “woman” uh, and so is, and yeah, even I had a hard time getting my mind around this….. so is the current cover “girl”

      Meryl Streep

      No WONDER

  8. I’m OUT now.

    I AM an open opponent of Anna Wintour, my former BOSS.

    I AM a “disgruntled employee” who got “let go” from Vogue and now have no employment…. they tricked me into leaving for a “freelance” position that well, didn’t exist.

    I AM


    Hi Jon! Hope you are still employed and thanks for being a human being!


  9. I should probably see a lawyer…. but do I really want to go back into that cess pit?

    Also know, “Anna” and her team literally have me cornered: “They” listen in on my phone and cell, and they are on my internet too……

    I’m not freaking out because 1: it’s been going on for over a decade and 2: I am a mother with a son, and well…..


    “They” already hit my kid with a car his first year in college….. Hit from behind, he landed on the curb and broke his nose and front teeth.. Guy was FD: FIRE guy…..

    When my son got back to his room with his nose splint, half-drugged out, blood all over his shirt, a kid walked by his room and asked, “Got any vogues?” (John explained later he meant it to be smokes…..He does not know about “ANNA”)

    You think I’m gonna let ANY of this SHIT affect my KID???

    Ah, noooo………….

    Ah, no……

    No, not ever…..

    And if it does……

    I might become the first breed ever……


    Cuz I will……

    FUCK you up (oh, excuse my filthy language)……


    Anna Wintour, just to be clear…..

    YOU vs ME

    You FUCK with me anymore “lady,” well……

    I could very well be your downfall.

  10. And I have to say I did not know “Anna” has a brother who is the editor of The GUARDIAN….

    I mean, are you kidding me?

    It’s ALL FAKE NEWS at this point people!

    No truth can ever make it out of this Inter-NET, this World Wide WEB, they have over us now….

    But We Will Not Be Shaken……

    They CAN”T break us unless WE (sons of GOD) allow them to break us….

    And I say no.

    NO WAY

    • Well I actually want to stop feeding into this “game,” so I will play these final scenes, whether they come true in my own drama or not.

      You know, when I watched this movie with my uh yeah, mob boyfriend, and Sigourney (I love you lady 🙂 ) said “Get away from her you bitch!” I was a young student in film school of the arts at Columbia, not even a wife or a mother yet….
      And BOY oh boy, I remember actually JUMPING TO MY FEET with the rest of the audience…..


      It was unlike any other movie-going experience I have ever had, or probably ever will have.

      What does it mean? WHY did we exult so much in this moment?

      Was it US finally being freed from the MONSTER of this world?

      By of course, the one who loves us most!

      Our mother.

      It’s GOD, people….. Not male or female…

      Our Creator.

      Prepare for battle!

      Because SALVATION does not come easily.

            • Beautiful!

              Well, that is the only word to describe God’s creation.

              In this vid, the shot of the female deer nurturing each other, and then the shot of the male stag….

              I don’t know but it fills me with longing for what we have lost…..

              The innocence, the pure beauty of the male taking care of the female……

              And the strength of that certainty, that THAT is what a male is here to do, to protect his female, who in gratitude of that protection, is a chaste and subservient female.

              I want that back.

              I was led along the wrong path, I am a sinner, and a whore no doubt…..

              I kneel at my Savior’s feet now and ask for redemption.

              Let me be among even the LEAST of those allowed to enter into my Father’s Kingdom.

              • It’s not a globe, people……

                It’s motionless….. silent….. peaceful (as it can be given us)

                It’s flat……

                The Heavens revolve around us…… God’s children on Earth. The sun and the moon are dual lights in the heavens, just as described in Genesis.

                I mean come on, don’t you wonder sometimes how the moon is the EXACT size to eclipse the sun?

                It’s God’s creation but part of his Plan is to have Satan be the king of it, and us….

                Until we stand, face the test, and graduate– into the Father’s Kingdom.

                    • And I have to AGREE with Anna…..

                      My favorite Action Hero is Hugh Jackman.

                      Meaning even IF….. he’s an FTM transgender.

                      Whatever he seems to be confronted with he is the perfect “gentleman”…..

                      Maybe it’s not what “sex” you are…… like FTM…… like that real mensch Matt Damon….?

                      Maybe it’s what’s in your heart.

                      Not saying it’s right tho and will not need repentance because it DOES.

                      It’s A LIE!!!!

                      Your entire being as an FTM (if I am right, not sayin)….. is a LIE.

                      YOU are clearly a BEAUTIFUL SOUL.

                      Come out NOW.

                      Be a LIGHT unto the WORLD with the Truth of Satan’s deception.

                      Because if you do, you will save your soul.

                      You will thereby earn God’s forgiveness and won’t be thrown into the lake of fire.

                    • It seems to me Satan has been very busy CRAFTING his own race in his own image: both male and female…. the peace sign means “I’m both”…. I’m like my father the Baphomet….

                      I’m “special.”

                      AND I’m better than YOU….

                      And I have no judgment on ALL of you characters who have been transgendered without your adult “consent.”

                      You are the ULTIMATE victims and if you break out ….

                      I pray……

                      I wish you GODSPEED….

                    • It all comes together, doesn’t it.

                      It’s like perfect symmetry…..

                      Can’t help it, gonna play this again.

                      It’s just so good….

                      And it’s the justice that is so much needed now….

                      I DO HOPE you have all notice the U-Haul that provides cover…. the “Rental.”


                    • And I’ll end with this.

                      It doesn’t mean anything.

                      It doesn’t mean anything until a man steps up into the role……

                      I’m not a man.

                      I’m a woman.

                    • Well I can’t find it but the final scene of the Bladerunner I watched is of Deckard and Rachael driving….. through wooded mountains….. to what we would imagine is their freedom.

                      But you won’t find it on You Tube……

                      YouTube is evil, clearly…..

                      They send me vids based on my searches and it’s completely CREEPY to the MAX.

                      They scramble their channels into CHAOS…..

                      THEY SUCK.

                    • I’m thinkin’…. and I of course don’t want to “judge” someone I have “idolized” practically all my life?

                      But maybe that goes with the territory…..

                      When you discover that it’s all a lie.

                      And watching this clip I just happened to click on now…. it is very clear to me at least that this is a MAN (shoulders, arms, diction, description of hog-tying another “man”).

                      A man. Quite elegant, yes.

                      But once you realize they are a deceiver of the lowest sort…..

                      I give “her” idk….

                      A thumbs down?

                      Sorry “Sigourney” (craziest madeup name EVER)

                      You’d be a REAL hero to me if you came out, or at the very least… shined some light on the Hollywood nest of child-trafficking, child-raping, child-murdering SCUM that YOU work with.

                  • The term is “pedophilia” but isn’t “Boys Toys” so much more apt???

                    This is not a women’s crime. You won’t find women who ROUTINELY molest children.

                    It’s the men, who have routinely sodomized young boys and thus….

                    screwed us all:

                    Catholic priests, Eagle Boy Scout leaders, football team coaches, wrestling coaches, I mean come on!

                    The MEN in our society are PREDATORS.

                    Of little boys!!!!

                    So the women involved can just….. look the other way.

                    How creepy as hell is THAT.

                    • And I noticed this back then, but looking at it now…..

                      Sigourney is gorgeous but massive, is she not?

                      Mel is quite puny in comparison…..

                      I know Mel is a small man, because as I have said before I was in the same room as him at a press junket.

                      He’s tiny. Next to Glover, kinda made it clear.

                      Not an insult, just an observation…..

                      I never have met Sigourney, my IDOL, in person.

                      If she is a transgender, from entertainment royalty, SHE is the one I would want to interview first.

                      How’s it feel?

                      Your husband from pics looks like a typical JEW insider handler.

                      Is that the case?

                      Is he a sodomite who turned you, a BOY, into a Hollywood Screen Idol?


                    • I’ve found, I found it actually watching Stephen, and when I “paused” it I was absolutely shocked at the demons revealed, “hidden” in plain sight…… The episode with the Full House cast comes to mind…

                      They mock us, OPENLY.

                      Anyway freeze the above vid at 2:06.

                      The “woman” has a huge jaw and skull, while the “male” has an oval pretty face….oh, and those eyes and eyelashes….. he looks terrified at being the prey of this woman.

                      Sigourney’s skull looks almost twice the size of Mel’s!

                      This is Satanic, Hollywood, witchCRAFT….. directed by uh, well Peter Weir.

                      (The director of The Truman Show, with head satanist to be Jim Carrey…..)

                      And I bought it. hook line and sinker…..

                      It’s kinda like these child victims of pedophiles….. the two Coreys…. Well, YOU bought into it, believed us, trusted us…. you were OPEN to it, YOU are the one at fault.

                      YOU are guilty

                      says Satan……

                      Falling for my deception just shows you (children) are evil,

                      says Satan….

                      AND YOU will go to hell for it,

                      says Satan……

                      With ME.

                    • Anyway I always had Peter Weir at the top of my directors list, maybe one who I’d write a book about someday?

                      Well… Thinking about “Master and Commander” now…. I LOVED that movie but am now pondering it, why did I ‘luv’ it so…. had to be deception in there somewhere…. and boy, I actually am not a fan of Russell “Crowe.”

                      And yes, I now remember watching it after my own persecution by demon bullies had begun….. the part with the officer who was bullied to commit suicide by the crew.

                      I get it now….. the message from the “Master and Commander” of the ship was that he was weak, and deserved it, and he let the evildoers off the hook with an “Our Father”……

                      And what do you know, when the man who had been “cursed” sacrificed himself, the wind came back…..

                      The breath of “life”……

                      Evil evil shit.

                    • The Commander says all the right words, but does not punish the evildoers…..

                      The reasoning being he can’t if he wants to have a crew to run his ship so he can get the BIG evildoer in the enemy ship…..


                      I think Jesus does not abide “compromise.”

                      He says, “You are either WITH me, or against me….”

                      Revelation 3:16 (KJV)

                      16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

                    • Please let me just this last post:

                      Of course when I went to YouTube…..this was “waiting” for me

                      I can’t make out what they are SAYING but for the last line….

                      “We were meant for each other.”

                      It’s all good.

                      Meant to be I guess.


                    • Oh excuse me, it’s

                      “I think today was the best day of my life.

                      and you know what else Ii think…..

                      You and I were MADE for each other…..”

                      Hahaha! ie.

                      Could HE be a robot too?


                      Oh well people….. live and … wonder.

                      No more lessons for a while from here.

                      Be well….

                      And prosper!

                    • Let’s not forget… omg how could we……

                      That there is a VERY JEALOUS BITCH watching all of this….

                      YOU and ME…….

                      If you cannot protect me from that monster well, brother…….

                      If you cannot MAN UP to defeat that MONSTER……

                      I can’t defend you.

                      Ha! How so simple is that and true.

                      YOU have to be a MAN…….

                      Stand up and say no………

                      I simply am not in the position to SAVE you until you save yourself.

                      It’s not about “her” vs “me”……

                      Oh no don’t even GO THERE, because THAT is her trap.

                      I’ll DRINK and DRINK and DRINK……

                      And you will still be in love with me.



  11. To day i went to the beach. It was 15min max away but it took me 4 plus hours to arrive there though i took the shortest route by ka.

    • Hi Anon…..

      Was it a nice day at the beach?

      Did you see another big backhoe there?

      And did ya just chill like the biggun black baby you ahhh….?

      Ohhhhh! Mercy me!


      This woman is a bitch.

      You got that right.


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