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Thanks to all.

It’s a Cat Apostrophe.



It’s Time’s Up. The I’m Pet Us.



It’s Tip Top. The cat who got the cream.




It’s Cool for Cats.



The Catalyst.



Felines. Nothing more than Feelings.



And Catherine Deneuve defends the right of men to hit on women in Le Monde.




It is claimed the reason for the invention of the World Wide Web was to send pictures of Pussy.



Memory or Memories.


‘Touch me,
It is so easy to leave me
All alone with the memory
Of my days in the sun
If you touch me,
You’ll understand what happiness is’


You know what ? I don't know. Watching reality collapse around you is not a small matter and much of what we are experiencing is magical and frightening at the same time. And yet the more I experience the synchronicities and alternate realities and multiverse and whatever else the fuck is going on, the more I understand it pales into comparison with the underlying message. That the only true reality is Love.

About twenty four years ago, my 'journey' was started by the birth of my daughter. I remember looking in her cot one day, when she was about three months and pondering mortality, thinking that one day she would die.

The truth of it is that she won't die and that we are yolked together for eternity, infinity or forever. And that is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so beautiful, the beauty is indescribable.

It’s Purrfect.


78 thoughts on “Catastrophe

  1. The ONLY word that Gematrinator cannot give a letter breakdown in any of the ciphers you choose!
    Infinity = = 0 (English Ordinal)
    I goes alright up to the letter ‘y’ but then goes loopy!
    It works with every other letter of the alphabet there at the end but not ‘y’.
    I wonder y?
    I asked them there and it is something to do with incorrect coding but they are working on a new system so the error may not get fixed.
    ‘Infinity’ may never be solved!
    It may be like that for Infinity!

      • BBC just launched their new series on the secret life of Big Cats

        its a cat fight…Taylor Swift for me is the personification of the women/cat in black she has been hurt badly and angry/crazy for reVenge….and trusts no one

        big game hunter

        We’re told cops got suspicious when he started asking how many states he can drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit. He also told them he wanted a gun to protect Taylor in AFRICA. It’s unclear why he thinks Taylor will be in Africa.

        crazy cat woman big Karma Pharma who wants to harm ya

        only a big hearted lovecat will set her free

        • TTN

          I’ve noticed a few Hunter connections recently and your comment reminds me of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams video by Jo Kahn.

          • Frank I have been hearing that song Wildest Dream’s all week….and I am in sync with you in regards to the weirdness

            Hunting High and Low Free queencies

            for each other…Contact

            Andrea and Andreas von Trucker brother and sister when they come together its dynamighty

            and I watched the entire series Hard Sun…… the Watcher/Observer appeared as did July 28th he was messing with people’s minds/brains….and the reason he was bald was radio active fall out

  2. Hahaha Frank!

    I AGREE lol

    I could tell you my personal synchs with cats in the past 24 hours but I won’t bother…..It’s all becoming so ridiculous that I’ve abandoned trying to keep record of all the insane SYNCHS I encounter pretty much every minute of the day now…..

    And I just saw this, will watch with the “world”

    Because as you all know, “The World Is Watching.”….

    “The Tale of Two Trannies”


    • Oh my God Meryl

      Regarding her own daughters she says “You put them in danger by not informing them.”

      I so agree! And you are a TRUE mother!

      Regarding transgenders (i’m not saying Meryl is one, or Anna, just “alleged)…..

      I’m thinking there are beautiful souls who long to be the opposite sex because that aligns with their soul: Meryl (awesome mother figure), Hugh (you can’t not love Hugh, can you πŸ™‚ A good “guy” for sure, um IDK Steeephen….. You’re always forever going on about your wide hips!; and well…. Matt. I think that “guy” wants to be the best “man” and father “he” can be.

      But as for people like Anna, I’ll just say it straight out:

      She (He?) may very well BE the Anti-Christ walking the Earth in human form.

      She is pure evil and I really can’t imagine she wishes the “best” for anyone.

      She’s not a woman, and she is FILLED with animosity and jealousy toward 1, women in general and 2, the LOWLY lowly working class that are sooooo…..

      beneath her.


      I want to vomit now when I hear her voice or see her face.

      Hi Anna!

      I do know that you are watching me….. 24/7



      • Anna Wintour,

        You may very well be the final deception.

        We “Christians” are all expecting a charismatic man accepted by all to be the Anti-Christ.

        Accepted by all the cognoscenti and government world powers pretty much describes you, now that you rule at 1 World Trade Center as the feathered serpent….

        You RULE the “Freedom” Tower, that sits on the burial grounds of 9/11

        The real secret is……

        You ARE a man.

        You fit the description in Revelations perfectly.

        The Anti-Christ

        • I think the Jewish overlords of our society, i.e. the cess pits of both Hollywood and Washington DC, have created a new race: transgenders, and you know why?

          SO they were able to perform their SODOMY in so-called legal marriages long before “same-sex marriages” ever became legal…. and procreate children from them… somehow, I’m not sure.

          What’s happening now is they are revealing ALL their evil works to us, much like a criminal, who gloats while he THINKS he is getting over on his victim….BUT guess what…. they ALWAYS lose in the end….

          THAT’S what’s going on now….. Satan is showing ALL his cards in his desperation before he and all his foolish followers are thrown in the pit.

          • “There’s power in the blood”

            REAL MEN cannot stand with these DEMONS.

            That’s why “real men” like Daniel Day-Lewis have to leave.

            You know what that means, PEOPLE???

            You might be a GAY man!

            That does not mean you stand with pedophiles!!!


            Lovers of PIZZA!

            Power in the blood, power in the blood…..

            No wonder “Daniel” freaked out and is getting OUT.

              • King James Bible
                And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

                That didn’t mean “dominion” as in the right, when men have guns, to KILL defenseless bucks and their deer…..

                You COWARDS.

                Find another way to make a living PLEASE.


                  Killing beautiful defenseless beings like deer is a gateway to killing…..A

                  That it’s accepted as a social norm that “killing” deer and coyotes (oh, those pests) is OK.

                  It’s NOT.

                  And that’s why we have elites running around our country and the WORLD kidnapping children (Pedo-estas…), many underprivileged and undocumented children, and these FIENDS rape and murder and eat their prey.

                  I would not say it if I did not feel it in my GUT to be true after the MOCKERY they have displayed in the past couple years….

                  And I also know something that is very disgusting and disturbing because it involves my own relatives……

                  But that “racism” runs much much deeper than just for appearances sake.

                  It’s the “brown babies” that are immolated with no regret…..

                  With no “sin”

                  And yes, that makes me want to vomit.

              • Well that’s not how I would have liked it to end…..

                But you know what, I’m laughing now cuz none of this armchair warrior stuff is real….

                Threats however ARE real.

                I perceive a THREAT here on Merovee to me and mine……

                And that is why Trinity has been killed here tonight.

                Because she is no longer willing to play your GAME and put her children at risk, given your insanity.

                You’re all insane,….

                Stephen got that right.

                  • Well you pissed me off (and it wasn’t fun coincidentally listening to my sister about her new job with a Jewish executive who makes her turn on his lava lamp in the morning before he gets in) You won’t get the “connection” but my Jewish overlords do…..

                    So if I post shit all night so what?

                    I mean, really, Frank…. this is YOUR WEB SITE.

                    You’ve asked me in the past to refrain from “death threats” and I have….. but don’t YOU have the power to block or delete anything here?

                    The point is, I am sick of taking the BLAME.

                    Fuck U ALL.

                    Get your own lives in order and leave me out of it.

  3. lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Isn’t that what they used to call a ‘cat fight’, when US feel lines get into it?
    But it’s a sound and fury signifying nothing.

    • Elena

      The irresistible force meets the immovable object !

      A few years ago over here there was a documentary on the BBC, where they put trackers on many cats in one village.

      And they would appear to be psychic. Their territories overlapped a bit like a Venn diagram. But for the majority of the time, the cats would check that area at a different time than the other one so there was no conflict. For example, one would check the territory in the morning and then the other one in the afternoon.

      But occasionally it didn’t work and they would meet up. And something like the video would follow.

      • Frank

        I had a cat several years ago, who figured out how to open my storm door. I used to put a bar stool at the door for him to sit on so he wouldn’t jump up at the screen and tear it. One day while sitting there he worked his paw under the small latch that locked the door, pulled up on it and unlocked the door. Then he had to push out on the door handle to open the door which he did and the door popped open.
        If I hadn’t watched it happen, I wouldn’t have believed it. It was either a crazy coincidence or what?

        And I was thinking the other day about overlapping dimensions/territories and what kind of stress that would create. As a matter of adjustment.

        And the vesica piscis came up last night on the X Files as a scientist was explaining how this computer was uploading human personalities from their smart phones. As if we don’t have enough to worry about. πŸ™‚

  4. There’s something about a paradox mirror and whatever you don’t like (on conscious level) is surfacing as a sort of no more denying that what you don’t like or think you don’t like is still a reflection. It’s weird and twisted. And no one is escaping the mirror, apparently the most frightening thing in the universe.

    • MJ ❀

      It's kind of like the Mirroring Effect in psychology. Ultimately the mirroring effect is what enables us to develope empathy. It's like we're noticing the 'other' more. On a deeper level. It's the 'exposure' at work, and where grace abides. And no escaping it.

      And about Zeus…"Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it." – Roald Dahl

          • Jen, ❀ to ❀

            And further to Ken and Frank's comments below, they're trying to get us all wired up, to hear us and watch us and make it as easy as peas to buy more crap and get whatever useless information we need.

            But as I found out after Hurricane Sandy and my power was out for three days, all that remains is love.

            I and most folks here have electric stoves that were suddenly useless. My neighbor had a grill and everyone brought their uncooked food that was gonna spoil anyway and we ate and found friendship. Then the power came back and we retreated to the safety of our houses. So it goes.

            • Elena

              I think the second person I spoke to today was called Grace. I asked what her name was and she replied ‘I’m Grace’ πŸ™‚ Which made me smile.

              In a sense, I think our homes are substitutes for the real thing. Again technology maybe a substitute or mirror of the real thing.

  5. Trump acts (cats) like he can grab (garb) the pussy but he seems equally obsessed with the shithole.

    Maybe he’s a swinger.

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