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We Are Not Alone

Firstly, a word from your sponsor.

You Are Beautiful.



And Zero Compromise. God does not bargain.

It’s All or Nothing.



Play your role.

The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group has been deployed and is on it’s way to the Gulf of Arabia.

‘All Aboard Who Is Going Aboard.’



It’s Stormy Weather.



And ‘The Truman Show’.




Why So Syrias ? It’s Alchemical.




And the Fear of Annihilation and loss of Identity.



Alien Nation.



Occasionally on Merovee, I have commented that I would not be surprised if with the end of ‘Separation’ and ‘I and We are all alone in an uncaring Universe’ that there would be some form of extra terrestrial manifestation. And just passing it on.

Contact. And Contact Lenses which would be very funny if I wasn’t crapping myself. But I’m cool with it.

Taking the Mask off.



‘They’re already here. You’re next.’



Mother Russia is Everywhere.



What a ride. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.



We Are Not Alone.


77 thoughts on “We Are Not Alone

    • Elena thanks for sharing the link.

      I am not saying that the attract was staged because of what the spokesman for Russia’s defense ministry said.

      I am saying that it was staged, because I feel it in my heart/mind to be true.

      TPTB are loosing their grip on the minds of society and they will do any and all things to make us think that we need to be protected from situations that they themselves create. Trying to keep us in a state, (prison) of fear is an important goal of theirs.

      Keep in mind that ‘government’ can order it’s personnel to do anything and like robots they will carry out any given order.

      I live in an area that is surrounded my ‘military forces’ i.e., the army, navy, (seals) many of who do not live on base and many who live in my condo complex…some owners rent their condo. There are 8 buildings in total. The ones I see most often are the ones living in my building…they are like freaking robots…off in a ‘zone’ of their own, they have blank expression and smile with no warmth, their body movements are stiff and regimented…which makes them somewhat scary to be around. [apols for the tangent]

  1. Frank no need for ‘apols’, referencing ‘the issue’ I like hearing what you have to say.

    You: ” I will observe someone’s colour or accent but it’s not a big thing anymore.”

    Me: Thank you that is my point; ‘see’ in your case ‘observe.’

    The End Of Separation – I Am Ready.

    Nuff said because:

    Now…moving on until the time in which the ‘seeing & not seeing’ rises again.

  2. ALIEN

    “I got a dirty mind I got filthy ways
    I’m tryna bathe my ape in your Milky Way
    I’m a legend I’m irreverent I be reverend
    I’ll be so faaaaa-ar up
    We don’t give a fuh-uh-uck
    Welcome to the danger zone
    Step into the fantasy
    You are not invited to the other side of sanity
    They callin’ me an alien a big headed astronaut
    Maybe it’s because ya boy Yeezy get ass a lot”

    • MJ

      Turning Japanese. Its 815 or 816 and that is the time that its always been

      It’s Ellie Tremayne’s Animal Hour. Ellie is my niece. Jen chanced across this last night whilst it was live on YT. Not sure what it says about Jen 🙂 but think more than coincidence.

      High Noon with Sushi Jesus. It’s Ellie.

      Ellie appears about 12 into the video. Interesting family.

      And a Sushi Bar has suddenly appeared in my local Sainsburys market. It wasn’t in there yesterday afternoon and there was no sign of any preparation.

      And an Observer and Eli Cat essene. Its the Eli Cat. That’s Jen’s joke.

        • Getting racy?
          The other day Charlie was in the backseat with his best friend Fin (black child). We stopped to get fuel and someone with a pimped out Cadillac rolled in with bass that made our car vibrate. Fin says “always somebody with brown skin in those cars.”
          I thought to myself “Fin, don’t teach Charlie racial stereotypes”. So I just said “not true! I often am playing music like that!”

        • ET go home its a rapture as the walls the curtain falls on the last act

          I wrote this in Sept 15

          Jericho as I mentioned in 2014 means the Moon in Hebrew.

          Calling Dr. Jones’ Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names, on the other hand, appears to be most enthusiastic about form 1, and relates the name Jericho to the noun ירח (yareah) meaning moon as time indicator; month. The etymology of this word is lost but some scholars suggest it has to do with the verb ארח (‘arah), meaning to wander or journey, as the moon is the most ambulant body in the night sky:

          The verb ארח (‘arah) means to wander, travel or keep company with. It’s used only five times in the Bible: Judges 19:17, Job 34:8, 2 Samuel 12:4, Jeremiah 14:8 and Jeremiah 9:2.

          Our verb yields the following derivations:
          The masculine noun ארח (orah) means way or path, and is used often figuratively of a direction in which one steers his life (Psalm 16:11, Isaiah 26:8).

          The feminine noun ארחה (orha) denotes a traveling company or CaraVAN (Genesis 37:25).

          And then there is the curious feminine noun ארחה (aruha), which denotes a certain kind of meal or meal allowance. It occurs in Jeremiah 40:5, Proverbs 15:17 and 2 Kings 25:30 (=Jeremiah 52:34).

          None of the sources take the trouble to explain what this word is doing under the verb meaning to travel, but from the contexts it becomes clear that this meal is somewhat restricted. It’s a ration, a bit like manna from heaven perhaps the kind of ration that a traveler would take along with him/her like a scooby snack or doggy-bag in a basket.

          time to get back packing we have new neural pathways to forge

      • No explanation for the things I do but I like sushi. Definitely not a coincidence! 🙂
        And Ellie’s Animal Hour happened at warp speed. Felt more like 12 seconds.

        • MJ 18/04 is one of my girls Ellis’s birthday she is 21 and gets the key of the door

          and 21/12 is a time related number as in 21/12/12 the time of no time between the two rings worlds 4th and 5th ages

  3. I reckon Frank must have gone to the match today (Crystal Palace v Brighton) to cheer on his team as Palace have scored two goals in the first 13 mins or so!
    How do I know the score? Well the match is live on TV here in Oz tonight.
    Go Palace!
    What? Trump? May? Macron? Bombing Syria?

  4. “Will Russia Ever Force the US to Get Real?”

    The airstrike on Syria today had nothing to do with chemical weapons.
    It’s more in the nature of a bitchslap, bullying, an assertion of Western dominance, a punishment for Russia’s interference in Zionist expansion. The US, UK, Israel and France are all factotums of the Rothschild banking cartel. This attack and the coming world war is about the shape of the New World Order, unipolar Zionist or multipolar Western & Eurasian.

    Watching the TV News Friday, I was struck that the US political elite actually believed the chemical attacks took place, as implausible as that is. The Western mass media is an extension of the Deep State. The Deep State is the network that serves the Rothschild central banking racket. Politicians like Trump, May, Macron and Nikki Haley are chosen for their lack of moral compunction, and ability to lie convincingly. They impose the Rothschild agenda on the people. That’s their job.

  5. I love how the only ones who get to decide if race matters or doesn’t matter is whites.
    First they decide it matters, then they decide it dont.
    First they decide it’s related to morality then they decide it’s immoral to refer to it.
    Hard to keep up.
    Just joking.
    And all that jazz.

    But no, really, nothing matters.
    I have no idea what attack you’re referring to because I hear the news less and less.

    Today I ate pad thai with basil and shrimp and went to the beach and flew a kite. Black dolphins swam close to the shore and niece and I greeted them as we usually do. I always believe they swim here from Meroe.

    • Anon

      I’m not sure if that is true about whites setting the agenda. All my life race has been a constant theme. Within my family and outside my family. And race has been a recurring topic on Merovee.

      Lots of ‘uppity niggers making a lot of noise’. And women 🙂 Carry on making a lot of noise. I only wrote that because I can. What a fxxking ridiculous world.

      Your point about the attack makes a point. It depends on your view point and every view point is valid and equal as far as the Universe is concerned. Watch the news, don’t watch the news. The Universe asks ‘what do you choose?’ every second of every day.

      I asked about your views on the Jewish experience the other day which you didn’t really reply to, probably because you know very little about being Jewish.

      And my viewpoint question is about Who We Are. I believe I incarnated onto to Earth as a white man and it was a choice. I could have made a different choice. At my core, I believe it’s not who I am but a mask. In fact I believe I may have made many, many choices. Maybe an infinite number of choices.

      But I’m asking about the core of who we are. This is how I see it. Not sure if you will understand it but its the best way I can show it.

      But it causes total confusion in your life. My life anyway.

      What is at the basis of everything and the cause of every creation? But you may have a different view point. You can transfer this to animals, plant life, weather, alien life, etc, the whole Universe and Multiverse or Infinity, whatever reality is, I believe. Across the Universe and in every cell everywhere, throughout all of time.

      Frank and Amy


      • Frank I didnt respond about the jewish question because it was probably a set up, one, and two, because I have many varied thoughts about it and am, as I said, still open to suggestion. Plus, you’re wrong. One of my thoughts is thar “jewish” is code for something else, like “Hebrew” and if you recall any of my thoughts over the years in that, I don’t think anyone can get more “hebrew” than nilotics. So yes, I am a jew. #jewtoo Or, if we wanna take jews by the contemporary more shallow definition, like I also said, my maternal grandparents, by all hidden accounts were Jews. By way of bavaria.

        So Frank, do whites also make up the rules about being jew? Like would you tell an israeli kid running around without a yamaka or however that’s bloody well said, that s/he knows everything or nothing about being jewish?

        In all my discussion about race (yet it’s more than that) I too am asking who are we at the core? It’s one thing to say it. It’s another to live it.

        So speaking of khemical attacks, it’s kemet “attacking”. Kemites vs SIMites. Lol. The all Khem ical wedding.

        And all that fez.

        • Anon

          I don’t tell anyone what to do. Feel free.

          You mentioned about living it. I’ve given everything for free for 14 years now. Still here. Needed some help admittedly. And thank you.

          Bit confused about the set up. Why the fuck would I want to set you up.It was a genuine question.

          I see things differently from most. I see this reality as the Impossible Dream. If you want to believe in it, feel free. All I’m saying is there is an alternative.

      • Oh and if i recall you asked about the hollow cost really. Ive shared many thoughts on it before.

        So back to my obsession with the triple black darkness of space. Birdies on the wind said Stars bucks were at risk because of racial profiling in Philae. It trips me out that the police chief (?) Is named dick ross, given my equal fascination with dick and ross.

        In all cultures, masks are chosen. They can be therapeutic, they are communication and storytelling devices. Who says they are “unreal”?

        • Interesting, and according to Dick Ross, it all comes down to one thing…the need for body cams, which always makes me think of the Observer, all Viewpoints being equal, and sharing Perspectives. Our concept between rite and gong are evolving
          as the masks come off.

        • Anon & Everyone Else

          They were arrested for ‘trespassing’.

          Trespass in the archaic literary…to commit an offense against (a person or set of rules).
          Sin, transgress, offend, err, fall from grace etc.

          From the old French trespas, meaning ‘passing across’. Passover.

          The Crossing.

  6. The race doesn’t matter folk won’t ever hear or be interested in this news and most surely theyll only see “black on black” (bob) crime in the video and say see i told you so. But mention the anglo (white) cuturalcapitalists behind these scenes and it’s GO SH

    • Never have any doubts that:

      Tears will leave no stain
      Time will ease the pain
      For every light that fades

      Something beautiful remains

      We’re living in a world of stars and dust

      Between heaven and all that surrounds us

      We’re travelers here, spirits passing through

      And the love we give, is all that will endure

      Hey now, what we had is gone

      But I still remember you

      Just like a rose after the rain
      Something beautiful remains
      Now the darkness falls, the sun’s going down
      One by one, the stars are coming out

      Tide comes in, washes footprints from the sand

      As one day ends, a new day must begin
      Hey now,…

    • Anonymous interesting/enlightening articles: I’ve book marked them for further study.

      Ode To All

      Anonymous & DivineDNA

      I am, (we) are fighters…speaking out & up for freedom and justice for all…not just for POC’s but for all. Because one cannot be free without the freedom of the other. [although Anon may not agree with my video clip choice. I chose the clip because of it’s passion and I see the two of us as one or the other of these women]

      Annalise in the story line ask for one thing…while All I Am Asking…. is that people, no matter their skin tone take time to learn or at lease UNDERSTAND a ‘story’ you/they were taught/educated not to have an interest in.

      Until people understand and except…,(especially POC’s) come face to face with the fact that a grave injustice was done to a ‘race of people’ there is no healing which means there is no moving on…at least not together, there isn’t.

      We will find a way and have no regrets for how we found the way to set things back to right.

      P. S. I will say no more on the matter, that is unless something else regarding the subject moves me in such a way that I have no other choice but to speak up.

      Now dear readers: *To Thine Own Heart/Self Be True……….

      • DDNA

        I’m not trying to diminish what you are saying but it fits with a mad idea that is going around my head.

        Why do so many races of people remember ‘grave’ injustices.

        What is the real memory ? What is Planet Earth ?

        Across the Universe. Soldier Blue.

        • Frank

          May be I remember ‘grave’ injustice because of the programming or may be because it’s coded in my cellular DNA memory gifted to me by my ancestor’s.

          What is the real memory ? What is Planet Earth ?

          To me those are deflecting questions.

          And now that many blacks are finding out some of the ‘grave injustice’ that was done we are meeting with resistance from those who still want some of the truth of who we were and are, hidden.

          “One of the great impediments to the modern Afrocentric writer, is not a lack of data, there is a surprising amount of that. Rather, the problem is that modern Blacks have been so perfectly conditioned by White lies, that the truth seems incredible to them.”

          “Case in point: Whites have been steadfast in denying that the original inhabitants of Britain were Blacks – and Blacks have believed them.”


          • DDNA

            What my mad theory is that the history of Earth is the history of the Universe. And what we remember is essentially the same story.

            The Jewish memory is the same as the Aboriginal memory which is the same as the Black memory. The enslaved Jews in Ancient Egypt are replayed with the Slave trade.

            But it is also a Universal memory out there in the stars with genocide on planets and star systems. Which is a collective DNA memory which replays itself – see Avatar as an example.

            But it is His Story if we can let the past pain go.

  7. MJ, i wonder where Fin learned that stuff and how he knew he/they were “brown”.
    But don’t mind me. I’m a heckling.

    JB, re Dick Ross:

    “The first person to sketch a logo for Starbucks was a graphic designer named Terry Heckler…. In a series of brainstorming sessions, the founders of Starbucks forged an early identity for the company in a process that would become familiar to dozens of dot-com board rooms: how do we define our identity with a name and a graphic identity.The gent who came up with the notion of a better coffee, what we’d call “artisan” today, was a well-traveled Seattle journalist named Gordon Bowker, and both Bowker and Heckler thought that the new brand of coffee should embody a unique sense of adventure, specifically the seafaring history that reflected Seattle’s position at the northwest corner of the United States. Heckler started looking through old books for illustrations of sirens, sprites, water nymphs, mermaids. The earliest version was brown and fierce-looking; her breasts had nipples, and her tail was forked. By 1992 the look had softened to a bright green; the nipples were discretely covered by her hair, and the tail became a wrap-around. And then, in 2011, the company completely removed the words “Starbucks Coffee” from its logo. The mermaid became a stylized princess with a crown.”

      • LOL

        Sort of a ‘white wash’…only in this case it was/is a ‘green wash.’

        One wonders what Heckler’s true thought were re: sirens, sprites, water nymphs, mermaids and why chose one or was it a combo of all? Millions are certainly somewhat addicted to the coffee as am I at times.

    • Do you think he may have chosen the colour brown because, I dunno, it’s the colour of coffee? Tea? Spice?

      ‘The earliest version was brown…’ refers to the earliest version of the Starbucks logo, not the earliest versions of ‘sirens, sprites, water nymphs, mermaids’ that Heckler found in his research. At least that’s what it says. There should be a paragraph breaks in there probably.

      • Sorry I have fat fingers and my editorial skills don’t come through like my grammar but thanks the edit. That’s why I provide the link. So you can read yourslef.
        Plus I use …. to signal pieces I took out not to change context as you suggest but because why post a whole article here? I don’t know why heckler chose brown but the Forbes author, interestingly used the phrase “brown and fierce-looking” I didnt. Do you think he chose those words because coffee is fierce? Or because he’s a wimp? The brown nymph doesn’t look so scary to me!

        And why do you think the logo was changed to green and breasts covered? Is coffee green?

        Do you know how the coffee plant looks before processing and how beautifully it blooms?

  8. All Woolworths supermarkets throughout Australia had an IT problem and went offline leaving customers unable to pay for their groceries at the checkout!
    Was it a genuine fault in the system or was it a drill?
    It doesn’t really matter does it?
    No, because when they eventually implement the Mark of the Beast (microchip in the right hand?) you won’t be able to pay at the checkout if you don’t have the Mark.
    How long could you last with no groceries?
    Try it and see.
    People need to wake up and consider where their allegiance is. To the State or to God?
    It is one or the other. You can’t sit on the fence!
    Mark my words!
    It is completely YOUR choice!
    Don’t say you didn’t know the options.
    I told you plenty of times.
    Jesus or the State.
    Like back in 33AD it was Jesus or the State back then.

  9. A few days before the Woolworths situation the Commonwealth Bank had an IT problem just as I went to pay off some of my Mastercard debt before going to collect my car after a big service.
    When I went online the list of my accounts was missing the Mastercard account!!!
    Straight after that I went collect my car after a big service so I didn’t take my Mastercard but took my Savings Card instead.
    However, when I got there and tried to pay online it rejected my Savings Card! Alarm bells!!!
    So I had to ring the Bank who eventually told me that I had to enter ALL the numbers on the card to try to make it work. It did work but you can see that these ‘glitches’ show how easy it is to be compromised in your financial ability.
    This too, just before Woolworths closing down early today.
    Better to be safe than sorry!

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