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Through The Wormhole

Through the Wormhole.A tunnel between galaxies exists. We just have to find it.’




East Surrey College.




And the West Country and Willoughby Hedge, nr Mere, Wilts. Click Crop Circle Connector.



It’s Rusty. The Ukraine and Chernobyl. I’m not sure exactly what the connection is but I think there is one.



And the Super Position and Time.



‘In a superposition, photons – or, particles of light – appear to be able to interact with themselves to be in ‘two places at once.’

By the classic scenario, this means that if a single photon were fired at a barrier containing two parallel slits, it would somehow pass through both at the same time, Scientific American explains.

And, testing this is just as baffling as the phenomenon itself.

‘We know something fishy is going on in a superposition,’ physicist Avshalom Elitzur of the Israeli Institute for Advanced Research told Scientific American.

‘But you’re not allowed to measure it. This is what makes quantum mechanics so diabolical.’

The new experiment builds upon an approach known as two-state-vector formalism (TSVF) to help explain superposition, by assuming that events are determined by states that occur both in the past and the future.’


God only knows where this is leading. Hopefully to a better place.

Tomorrow – 25/5/18 – is Roob’s birthday.

Happy Birthday.




Burning Up.


60 thoughts on “Through The Wormhole

    • MJ

      I got rung up by a lady called Sarah who wanted to give me a long time service award on 6/6/18. IDK. Lance It.

      Total mind fuck.

  1. Solomon’s Shamir
    In the Gemara, the shamir (Hebrew: שמיר‎) is a worm or a substance that had the power to cut through or disintegrate stone, iron and diamond. King Solomon is said to have used it in the building of the First Temple in Jerusalem in the place of cutting tools. For the building of the Temple, which promoted peace, it was inappropriate to use tools that could also cause war and bloodshed.

  2. The water strider (crop circle)

    Sex discrimination in Gerridae is determined through communication of ripple frequency produced on the water surface. Males predominantly produce these ripples in the water. There are three main frequencies found in ripple communication: 25 Hz as a repel signal, 10 Hz as a threat signal, and 3 Hz as a courtship signal

    7, 1, 3

    Jesus! It walks on water. It’s a Jesus bug.

    a paradox
    named after Mark Denny

    from August ’52

  3. Through the Wormhole. ‘A tunnel between galaxies exists. We just have to find it.’

    Focus.—– my dream. Today, I went through it in that portal to another reality
    to the deceased brother

  4. I saw the 5th seal today. Dead at the bottom of Warner and Highway 1.

    Before I saw it, I saw a Ford with Texas plates that had these statements stenciled on the rear view window:


    I thought again about Dennis’ hatred of me and how he soothes himself with the idea that my karma will be baaaad and how he may or not reconcile it with God and Love and God’s unconditional Love.”

    After I saw the 5th seal, I walked for an hour before coming across the words “ID Reel 17yrs” written in the sand, along with some words next to the words U.N. Charter.

    I swear to God I’m not making this up. For the most part the beach was empty because it was cold today. Who the heck writes stuff like that in the sand?

    Further down the beach I saw a dragon with a scaly spine and a curvy tail formed out of the sand, surrounded by a moat.

    Book of Revelations (Bor) comes to mind.

  5. What is Love?
    What is God?
    If God loves us unconditionally, how can “karma” exist?
    Do Christians believe in karma?
    Do Gnostics?
    I now New Age nuts do but for the most part I find them shallow.

  6. Trump pulls USA out of Iran Nuclear deal on 8/5/2018
    On 24/5/2018 Trump Pulls USA out of planned meeting on 12/6/2018 with N. Korea in Singapore.
    Day gap 8+8 days.
    Date digits added = 8+5+2+1+8 = 8+8+8.
    And 24+5+2+1+8 = 8+8+8+8+8.
    And 24+40 = 8×8

    Remember here that from 27/7/1953, the end of the Korean War, to 12/6/2018, the supposed meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un, was –
    8×8 years and (8×8)+(8×8)+(8×8)+(8×8)+(8×8) days.

    • One of the first naned offerings by Google for the word “Causeway” when I searched the other day, was of the Straits of Johor Causeway between Malaysia and Singapore. Not sure why but I found that weird.


      “From the 19th century, Malaya’s commodities such as tin, rubber, pepper and gambier were largely shipped through the port at Singapore, a British colony. These materials were trans-shipped across the Johor Straits by ferry. The early 1900s saw a rise in cross-straits traffic of both goods and passengers, and the ferry system grew increasingly congested.

      By 1911, the demand for the ferries was so high that they had to be operated around the clock. The volume of traffic and the high maintenance costs of the ferries led the colonial authorities to search for an alternative system. W. Eyre Kenny, the Federated Malay States’ (FMS) public works director, suggested the construction of a rubble causeway across the Johor Straits, and this proposal won favour over a bridge as the authorities considered the cost of steel and maintenance costs of a bridge prohibitive.

      In 1917, the British government commissioned consultant engineers Coode, Matthews, Fitzmaurice and Wilson to prepare plans for the causeway, and these plans were presented to FMS, Straits Settlements (SS) and Johor governments in 1918. The proposed Causeway would be 1.05 km long and 18.28 m wide, with metre-gauge railway tracks and a 7.92 m wide roadway. It would also include a lock channel that allowed the passage of small vessels, an electric lift-bridge, water pipelines and floodgates to manage the water flow of the straits. The total cost of the project was estimated at $17 million Straits dollars, and was shared among the FMS, Johor and Singapore governments.

      In June 1919, the colonial authorities awarded the contract for the Causeway’s construction to Topham, Jones & Railton, a London-based engineering firm. Construction began in August, with the project considered technically challenging for its time. The Causeway was also the largest engineering venture in Malaya then. Construction started at the Johor end of the straits, where the lock channel was to be located, in order to minimise disruption to existing ferry services. The quarry on Pulau Ubin was reopened to supply rubble and crushed stone, and the granite supply was later boosted by stone from the Bukit Timah quarry.

      In April 1920, a ceremony was held to mark the laying of the Causeway’s foundation stone. Sir Laurence Nunns Guillemard, the governor of the SS, conducted the ceremony from aboard the yacht Sea Belle, anchored in the middle of the straits. The occasion also involved the Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim II, and the mufti of Johor, who poured ceremonial waters (air doa selamat, air tolak bala and air mawar) into the straits. The ceremony was ended by the emptying of the first two loads of rubble (some 500 tons of granite) into the straits.”

      Causeways start to ring to me like wormholes.

      Little white willy is a chip off the old block his mother got board with. He too is sounding the warning about too many black babies and big black willies being born in Africa. Anyone who actually spends anytime time in Africa with ears to hear knows the code behind those royal fears.

      Silly, Meghan, offering herself up as a cause way….Just watch, Ken, she’s going to jump on the blandwagon about ‘contraceptives’ (code for sterilization programs and African women’s needs to abort) on behalf of her handlers.

      Grotesque really.

      And some say it’s all about “love”.

      Meghan Markle, a Handmaid’s tale.

  7. 25/5/2018 Trump says N Korean Summit on again for 12/6/2018.
    From 25/5/2018 to 12/6/2018 = 6+6+6 days.

  8. Forgot the link to little bald willie’s latest causes.



    In the alyernative universes he’s attempting to BoR people through to – little worm willie that he is- all those alarm belles he’s sounding are otherwise known as antiblack antimatter antiblackwhole EUgenices.

    Liitle willy is a worm.

  9. Little willie wont be able to hunt with so many blackwholes in the lDNA of free kas and big game and wild childs. He’d like to big rig the Game. Insider trading like.

    What a loser.
    Hereditary losers.

  10. This morning I met a dog from Quebec attached to a lady who was traveling. The dog was huge and bigly, probably 5’6 or more when stretched out, even tho at 9months old, still a “puppy”. ”Big game”, I can imagine, in some universes, but a baby to be revered and protected in others.

    Anyhoo, the lady spoke anglish with a gypsy French accent so I understood most of what she meant and none of what she said.

    It was so much pun!

    (Dennis, dear, are the laxatives working? I have some travel laxatives I can gift you.)


    • (Oh and btw, I’m sirius when i say this….it is good eveery once in a while to litearally DEWORM!!!!)

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