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Parallel Lines

The Greatest Love Story ? Romeo and Juliet ? Heathcliff and Cathy ? Anthony and Cleopatra ?

Or maybe Parallel Lines. Parallel Lines seem to be one of these mathematical concepts which speak of something else.



Parallel Lines are always together but can never touch without the aid of a Transversal Line, I understand.

‘What did the Buffalo say to his son before he left for school ?’ ‘Bi Son’ 🙂 .




And a Transversal Line creates eight angles – four inside the lines and four outside the lines.

From Wiki :

‘When a transversal intersects with two parallel lines eight angles are produced. … All angles that are either exterior angles, interior angles, alternate angles or corresponding angles are all congruent. Example. The picture below shows two parallel lines with a transversal.’



About an hour before I published the article, Rain’s tablet went buggy on her and this showed up. Lots of Parallel Lines and the Shimmer. Again.

And also I notice the Shimmer only shows itself, if you look at the pic closely. Maybe The Observer Effect.



And the ‘Over the Radar’ Duga Arc at Chernobyl.




The No Go Zone in ‘Annihilation’. Shimmer On. I suspect it’s the Sirius Moonlight.



Maybe its not History or a Miss Story but Our Story. But who is US at our core.

In ‘The OA‘, Homer and Prairie and the other captives are divided by glass screens. You can look but you can’t touch.



Reflections of my Mind.

And the Dreamer of the Dream and the Observer Effect. Here is a talk by ‘A Course In Miracles’ teacher, David Hoffmeister, about the Dreamer of the Dream. Which is difficult enough for the human mind to comprehend but it became even more even more confusing for me when it clicked that the two speakers in the video are Frances and David.



And Capt Pole Dark reveals his true love. Poldark is Cornish.

According to the Radio Times, it’s a horse called Seamus.



Ocean’s 8 will open on 618 and 18618. The biggest heist of the summer.



It looks like you’re not getting rid of me any day soon. Like you have a choice
🙂 . Hard Lines.


84 thoughts on “Parallel Lines

  1. spade’s other company was focused on Shus. It went by the name of Frances Valentine.
    Her BIL is the comedian Dennis. (Lol!) I bet he was all up in her “karma.”

    My GDad from Bavaria was named Francis. He was born on V-Day.

    • Anon

      I had a weird experience the afternoon before the news of Kate Spade’s death.

      When I was walking home I passed two random ladies scarves on a fence next to a railway line if that’s relevant. And I thought that’s odd and didn’t think anything more of it until I read the details.

      Even the name Valentine has a personal link. It’s all linking with ‘Alien’ at the moment.

      • And maybe a clue as to the veracity of what we read. Or the joke. Maybe. Maybe not. Apart from the more obvious Spade refs.

        Kate Spayed. Spayed Kat.

        Playing Cat and Mouse.

          • speaking of personal Ab (heart) use and Valentines…grow some balls everyone and listen to Dr. Phil Valentine. Some real kibbles and bits in there, much like Trump’s tweets.

            Man/woman up. You think you have it tough because of me? lol.

        • i like the spayed/spade reference.
          why so sirius? no thing is personal..nothing matters.
          i feel ‘personally abused’ by so much in this world I’m told to shut up about. maybe we should all just get used to it. since when was mud slingling not a way of this life?

          • Valentines etymology:


            ” To the surprise of many, Valentine’s Day isn’t an innocent secular holiday; infact the true origins of Valentine’s day has it’s roots in the occult. Namely in the pagan worship of Baal, the sungod. The religion of Babylon (Baal worship) is the mother of most false religions and its influence is still felt world wide, including in today’s churches.

            LUPERCALIA {the feast of Lupercus, the mighty wolf hunter}. The ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia was held in honor of Lupercus, the deified great hunter of Rome. This celebration also included worship of the goddess of fertility, Venus. In Roman mythology this goddess of fertility and sexual immortality, had a son called Cupid. Cupid was said to have attended to her and was given power to cause love to begin and to cease. This celebration was held from the 14th through the 15th of February. Some of the events of this pagan holiday included the choosing of partners by chance; in which teenaged girls would place their names into a box. The names were then drawn out by young men. The girl whose name was drawn then became the sexual partner with the man for the upcoming year; beginning in March during the Fertility rites of the Spring Equinox.

            Another name for Nimrod Tammuz was Cupid, which means Desire. Queen Semaramis lusted after her son, and soon they were married. As Nimrod Tammuz grew, the child “god”, became the hero of many women, who desired him. This cupid provoked so many women to jealousy that the idol of Tammuz was called the Idol “image” of Jealousy (Ezekiel 8:5,,8:14). In the Babylonian tongue the word heart was pronounced “Bal”, In the depictions of Tammuz the heart shaped fruit of Persea was often found in his hand. Thus Tammuz became known as the god of the heart.

            Conclusion: Lupercalia survives still today under the allias of “Valentine’s Day”; This pagan holiday is still celebrated nearly world wide by christians and non-christians alike, and Nimrod Tammuz is still honored as the “god of the heart”; even prayers are directed to him by unsuspecting Catholics who foolishly call upon ‘Saint Valentine’.”

        • Dream

          Also where I live, about Tuesday, I passed a restaurant titled Valentina which closed last year but nobody else has used the premises since.

          And a To Let sign was being erected.

      • Perhaps there is something to Spade card/ Trump card…?

        The Spade is a symbol of power and so the suit of spades is ranked highest of the 4. Etymologically, Spade is derived from “”
        (spáthē“broad blade”) ;via Latin (spatha), and is present in the Romance languages of Portuguese and Spanish as espada, meaning “sword”.
        Spades represent the warrior class;military strength, or martial prowess. People generally equate power with superiority so in many games the Spades are the highest suit or “trump” suit.

        • Dream

          Top Trumps !

          The Universe likes its wordplay. I believe the crux of the matter is Gnosis and Nooses.

          And Nurses which won’t make sense to anyone apart from me.

          Makes a bit of sense of the two scarves I saw.

          Welcome to Reality but what is going to happen to it, I have no idea.

          • From an interview with Brit Marling about The OA and Season 2.

            “The whole thing’s a riddle. There are a lot of clues. Very few people have really picked up on all the clues. Our sound engineer picked up on a major one that kind of blew my mind. I was like, “That is designed for only the closest, creepiest viewer to find.”

  2. Here’s a parallel line –
    George HW Bush’s birthday is the same date as the N Korean/USA Summit in Singapore on 12/6/2018.
    From 12/6/1924 to 12/6/2018 = 94 years or 34,333 days.
    9+4 = 13
    4×9 = 36 or 6×6.
    Prince William will be 36 years old 3+3+3 days later on 21/6/2018, the summer solstice.
    3+4+3+3+3 = 8+8
    3x4x3x3x3 = 324 or 18×18 or (6+6+6)x(6+6+6).
    34,333 = 13x19x139 ie divisible by 13.

    • If you have ten days more to Bush birthday its 22/6 and you have double 343=34343 days. 343=7x7x7 (Crowley number)

  3. To Pope Francis 26/6 can be important… Pope Francis is 266th Pope. He visited 923th day in his office 9/23/2015 Obama and 9/23 is 266th day of a year…

    After 26/6 89 days is 23/9 and before it 3/29.

      • The parallel lines represent the male and female travelling on two different wavelengths also the spring and autumn equinox spring = male March Mars (aries ram pisces fish) autumn = female Sept Venus seven sisters(virgo/libra) they converge meet in the middle on June 21st twin soul sis ice ster.

        The Babylonian calendar began with the first full moon after the vernal equinox, the day after the Sumerian goddess Inanna’s return from the underworld (later known as Ishtar), in the Akitu ceremony, with parades through the Ishtar Gate to the Eanna temple, and the ritual re-enactment of the marriage to Tammuz, or Sumerian Dummuzi.

        The Ishtar Gate led to Babylon’s Processional Way, which stretched for over half a mile across the city. A statue of the god Marduk was carried along it during the New Year Festival.

        When Robert Koldewey unearthed it, he imagined what the great New Year’s procession in the time of Nebuchadrezzar II might have been like.

        Having once seen a Catholic festival in Syracuse, Sicily, he recalled how the figure of the Madonna had been borne “high above the assembled crowds, with inspiring music and fervent prayers [and] after the same fashion, I picture to myself the god Marduk, borne from his temple [the Esagila] through the enclosed courtyard to proceed in triumph along the Processional Way.”

        • TTN

          Thank God it wasn’t Chirpey, Chirpey Cheep Cheep by Middle of the Road ! I fancied her when I was about 12 and beginning to pay attention.

          And this was sent to me by my mate Lonnie which he sent to me before he read the Sister article last weekend.

          Madonna and an album called Sister by Sonic Youth. I’m not sure who Sonic Youth are. I’m beginning to sound like the judge who asked ‘Who are the Beatles ?’

          And following the death of first Bond girl Eunice Grayson.

          The Shimmer. The Revenge of Frankenstein in Supernatural Technicolor. Someone has had fun with this.

          This could be you !

          And I liked this article about Eunice Grayson.

          About the Parallel Lines I’ve been pondering the internal and external angles created by the Transversal line as a manifestation of the inner and external reality.

          And also the dual realities within the OA.

          • Frank thanks for the link back to Frankenstein came across this from the movie Hancock about the fallen brother/sister angels…. black and white…parallel lines

            look at the date!!!

            in the film the Blacksmith had lost his memory after watching the film

            and Atomic Blondie I have played this clip soo many times now in Hebrew of course

            for years now I have been getting the msg I am going to be struck by lightning and I will receive a memory jolt and it will all come flooding back I think it also applies to you Frank

            twisted sister remember the 96

            Shocking snaps in nearby Lenzie captured the moment Frank Malcolm’s home erupted into an inferno after a freak lightning bolt – while they were watching TV.

            Frank said: “The first I knew anything was wrong was when the TV went off and the electric tripped. I went round turning off all the power sockets.

            “I went upstairs to do the same and I could hear crackling in the roof then I noticed smoke under the eaves. By then the doorbell was ringing and it was a neighbour saying ‘get out, your house is on fire’.”


            I can’t remember what I did wrong but like Mr Smith to Mrs Jones is it too late to say I am sorry 🙂

            • TTN

              Does the past exist ? And a woman passed me by the other day with a T Shirt which read Je Ne Regrette Rien.

              Which hints at the nature of Reality.

  4. Washington (CNN)
    June 10, 2018

    Trump Breaks with Allies

    President Donald Trump on Saturday accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of making “false statements” and said that the US will not endorse a G7 communique.

    “Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!,” the President tweeted on Saturday.

    Washington (CNN)
    June 10, 2018

    McCain to Allies:

    “Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.”

    Ah, no, Senator Mc CAIN….

    Ya know, Cain murdered his brother.

    His brother’s name?


    As in “Able to do the job of PRESIDENT.”

    We the American people VOTED for Donald J. Trump to take on the job of President.

    WE voted him ABLE and ready.

    YOU do not speak for US.

    You should take a step back and let Trump DO THE JOB we elected him to do.

    We, the American People, STAND with our PRESIDENT.

    Not traitors like YOU.

    Ley Lines of ‘Ghostbusters’ Aren’t Far From the Truth
    Archaeologists roll their eyes at the existence of ley lines, but ghost-hunters think they’re the real deal.
    By Sarah Sloat on July 15, 2016
    (Before you go any further, beware! We’re about to get into one of the major plot points of the new Ghostbusters film, releasing Friday. Consider this your requisite spoiler alert.)

    You’ve just seen Ghostbusters. You walk out of the movie theater and you’re struck with a burning question: What the fuck are ley lines?

    In the film, they’re essentially lines that cross the Earth, acting as the gateway between our world and the ghost world. Villain Rowan North figures out how to crack the dimensional divide by placing a machine where two major ley lines intersect. This crossing happens in the scariest part of New York City: Times Square.

    The plot point takes inspiration from the real-world debate over ley lines. And by debate, we mean a raging conversation about four distinctly different opinions. Paranormal enthusiasts, extraterrestrial theorists, New Age historians, and university-backed archaeologists all have a different take on what ley lines are — and do — in this world.

    The supposed origin story of the term ley line is that one day in 1921 businessman and amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins had a revelation standing on a hillside, overlooking Herefordshire, England. He noticed that the rural countryside he was staring at had a number of ancient sites, old settlements, and places of worship, and he noticed that these sites seemed to be arranged in straight lines. Watkins later grabbed an Ordinance Survey map, pored over it, and realized that — as told by professor of archaeoastronomy Clive Ruggles — “the apparent existence of numerous ancient straight trackways formed a network of intersecting straight lines stretching from one end of Britain to the other.” Many of these places’ names had the syllable “ley” within them, so he decided to call these tracks ley lines.

    In his book Early British Trackways, Watkins argues that these lines, which he also claimed were oriented in the direction of the sunrise and sunset at the solstices, likely were placed there to serve a spiritual purpose. These sites must be those of scared power, he mused, or they wouldn’t have been placed in this exact arrangement.

    Archaeologists then (and archaelogists now) dismissed this theory as an unfounded theory. Later analysis by archaeologists Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy examined the lines between archaeological sites in the United Kingdom and found that it wasn’t so much that they happened to line up — the density of these sites was just so much that drawing a line anywhere would connect you to a number of sites.

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