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Blood Moon

From our correspondent in Kazakhstan – Rain. Thank you.

It seems the Blood Moon lunar eclipse had a companion.

The first pics were taken just before the eclipse.

This is happening.







And during the Eclipse.



Below are some pics of the Blood Moon eclipse.





And a flock of strange birds.




A few centuries ago they would have sent out the Witchfinder General. The intention was to shut up the seers, witches and warlocks. Unless powerful people used ‘Magic’ and then it was a different story. But Magic is only science we don’t understand yet.

The Line Of Mer.

The Book of the Secrets of Merlin.




It’s an Other Worldly Summer.



Prepare to Bare.



And maybe the most important understanding.

‘You Were Never Really Here’
. And I note the emphasis on the past tense.



We never left.


114 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. What the…?!
    I don’t understand what I’m looking at. I’m amazed and a-mazed!

    Those are awesome! I’m going to dig around for my solar eclipse pics and let’s compare! 😃

    • MJ

      I think Rain is seeing into a different reality whatever exactly ‘reality’ means. And brought back the pics as proof as well which is rare.

      Yesterday afternoon Jenny and me watched a ‘Don’t have to think too hard’ movie called Pitch Black and is set on an alien planet. And involves an eclipse and strange birds.

      I was hoping for an afternoon off but when the movie was over I checked my emails and there was an email from Rain with her birds during an eclipse.

                    • I think what Dream was trying to ask is, Can you really be serious that this is really what it’s about at the core: “All I want, baby…. Is to be friends with you?”

                      Frank, you are LOST.

                      It’s not about US achieving nonjudgment, only God can be “nonjudgmental” because HE KNOWS who needs judgment and who doesn’t!

                      To give a pedophile a pass as in “He was a strange man,” now I know where you are…..

                      EVERYTHING IS NOT OK

                      Pedophilia is Satan’s final weapon against US.

                      If YOU WANT TO GO ALONG WITH IT, fine.

                      You show yourself for who you are.

                      And I said I was sorry.

                      But you said I had nothing to be sorry about…..

                      Because Satan’s ego is so BIG, he could never accept anyone telling him they’re sorry. What for? To accept an apology would be to admit somehow they got over on him.

                      YOU ARE A CHANNEL FOR SATAN

                      This whole site and your regulars like “Rain,” it’s a psyop.

                      Well good riddance because this week will be my last day…. willingly.

                      If you want me to “hang in there,” I WILL.



                    • Trinity

                      All I was trying to do with the video was make a point that the core dysfunction IMO is the separation of the male and female. See Adam and Eve. Which fitted with Rain’s birds.

                      Does God judge ? I would say No. To quote Trinity ‘because HE KNOWS’ shows a core belief in the ‘Mind’.

                      You believe ‘Everything is not OK’. There you are. The chicken or the egg ?

                      The problem with Savile is that we have no idea what went on apart from what you read in the media. Also airbrushing people out of history is something I’m not comfortable with.

                      And all that Rain is doing is sharing an incredible personal experience with us. Which also shows that things aren’t what they used to be. If they ever were.

                      Don’t Look Now. Probably more to come.

                    • And don’t worry, I get the “roses” i-Phone-cover bullshit psy-op that would prove my son is my “enemy child.”….

                      Ah no……

                      For some reason??? he told me: “Cops are scary….”

                      Um, hahem, yes, they make themselves out to be, but not when they are red-haired leprechauns named McElroy. I’ve already GOT him, son, so DON”T you be afraid of that guy, the Marine from World Gym, no…..

                      No worries there.

                      I am the Queen…..

                      Therefore I stand in fear of no man….

                      Especially HIM

                    • The thing that I find really scary is, this “man,” this cop after me….

                      He’s got a family: a wife, daughters, and sadly yes, he had a son.

                      So I just can’t get how he could treat me–a woman who did him or anyone else no wrong–I’m just doing the best I can…..

                      How how could he treat me this way?

                      How can any of these so-called “men” of their community…. treat me this way.

                      It’s just beyond comprehension, unless you understand as I do finally the deep dark secret of this town they can’t let be exposed.

                      Yeah, and it STINKS.

                      Gotta let it all out, people gotta stand up and speak truth, and be bold before bullies.

                      It’s TIME

                    • And the only thing that STINKS about it is your desperation to keep it SECRET.

                      When if it came out, I don’t think it would be such a big deal.

                      It’s not a big deal.

                      Who cares?

                      It’s YOU all who want to make it a BIG DEAL.

                      NOBODY CARES

                    • It’s time to take yourselves a little less seriously.

                      I’m talking to YOU, Rebecca, Becky with the good hair.

                      Ryan, red-haired crazy puppy-killing Marine


                      This is not meant to hurt you….

                      But to Wake you the f- up….

                      Let go, man, or you will go down.

                    • And this is DYNOMITE!

                      There’s never any mention of the parents of “Butch Anderson”


                      He never mentions or is pictured with his wife.


                      And there has been no announcement of any divorce.


                      You people are not going to destroy me or my son, period.

                      Live your f—- drama out, but for me?

                      I really don’t care….

                      Nobody cares.

                      GET OVER YOURSELVES

                      We’ll be outta here in no time……

                      Count on it.

                    • I suppose I should say, that if she is your sister, or your cousin…..


                      I can’t be with you.

                      I’m sorry, but also given she won’t let you go…..

                      I can’t.

                      You must let me go.

                      And I’m sorry?

                      I know you love me and are protecting me.

                      And I love you for it!

                      Thank you!

                    • But also that it’s not just her, which in my life I have tended to believe, that SHE “trapped” you… no, I get it now.

                      You bear equal responsibility.

                      You were a mastiff, a great thing, she brought you down?

                      Ah no……

                      She may have gotten you to where you are now…..

                      Which gets me to the FINAL point: from day ONE I said to my sister, if you want me, then you may not be able to be the “Sheriff” anymore.

                      Like I said, you can’t have it both ways.

                      I’m gonna be “traveling on” on now…. NO, not “running”….


                      If you wanted to “travel” a ways with me, well we could see…..

                      It’s not all sex you know…..

                      I am worth a cup of coffee……

                      And much more.

                      Take a chance to “be” with me…..

                      If you can.

                    • I’m thinking though that it’s too late for even that…..

                      I’m sorry man…..

                      It is what it is.

                      I can’t risk harm to my son.

                      Gosh, what a…..I don’t know how to describe it.

                      I will be indebted to you though forever if you see me and my son out of here.

                      To our next place, wherever that is.

                      That would be great!

                      And you could come visit.

                    • And to confirm the point I was trying to make about Savile was that you couldn’t get away from him. Actually 42 years.

                  • Thanks Frank and Dream,

                    I apologize for REAL because I tend to just read something and don’t know the context because I’ve not been following the thread….

                    I’m sorry!

                    Ha, maybe I will play that song!

                    “I’m just sorry”….for everything…. not an apology just a statement of fact…. I can’t seem to SEE the bright side of life lately, so yes…. I’m blue.

                    Ha, ad from Northern Dutchess archery and an arrow that gets a squirrel. So, I’m not a pizza “rat.” I’m a squirrel. Haha! Well, like I said, I am what I am.

                    Yeah, that’s the truth, right guys? I’m just a squirrel.


                    I don’t know what she says in this song, so I’m just playing it blind.

                    • Look directly under the Chill bubble…..

                      I see a demon snarling….and now foreshortened he’s sneering.

                      Satan is not going to give up…..

                      On me

    • It was like as if someone shot in me  tracer light beams, each about 30 cm in length
      I live in a private house and around me there are no high-rise buildings at least a kilometer

      • Rain, I’ve seen similar bird phenomenon but can’t capture it on camera the way you do. Eyes to the skies! You have a knack my friend. 🙂

        • Jenny

          I’ve got the occasional orb and sun pics. As long as its nailed down its OK but the weirder ones in the skies are difficult to catch.

          Last summer I had the most amazing chemtrail experience when two planes crossed and the sun was shining on them. But pics were garbage. Couldn’t see much apart from tiny spots where the planes were and the chemtrails.

      • When I was lucky enough to get the flying orb within the beautiful birds dancing, it was definitely more than just watching…it was inter dimensional experience.

  2. On August 21, 2017, me and M were in Athens, TN in the parking lot of a Comfort Inn to watch the eclipse. What my eyes saw looked like this:

    It looked like a black flat disc covering a light flat disc, with those wispy flares of the corona. It’s something you never forget.

    My iPhone camera took these pics (obviously didn’t capture it how it looked with real-ize).

  3. last night i was woken up by the sound of my dog laughing. I’m not joking when i say this. it was the laugh of a human child. i almost ran out of the room.

  4. you are like a virus, Trinity
    so I always ignore you
    until you switched to my identity
    you are always funny in your fight with windmills
    on this my communication with you is over

  5. Perhaps there is coming earthquake to San Francisco area=todays siliconwalley with very big destruction…to whole world.

      • About the Witch Hunt.This song has been going round my head for the last day or so.

        ’The Witch’ has been my constant companion for about 25 years now.

        1994 – Silver Wedding anniversary next year

    • “NY Times: Michael Cohen Releases Tape of Trump Discussing Hush Money for Playboy Model”
      “Trump’s numerous “angry” tweets on the subject of what Mueller has done to Manafort, Flynn and Cohen all seem to have that certain smell of clever strategic contrivance — not unlike the faked “displeasure” he has in the past tweeted about regarding Lil’ Kim (“Rocket Man”) and Assad of Syria (“Assad the Animal”).”

      “Were the allegations and lawsuit brought forth by “Stormy” Daniels used as a trick by which Trump could legally inject tons of evidence into investigations being conducted by Mueller (and others) into something else? Is she really even a “porn star,” or just an agent-actress for the “White Hats?” Why do these characters and dramatic events seem to be so fake?”

      Scroll down to above named article.
      Or read the lot and become educated!

        • Blue crystals in meteorites show that our Sun went through the ‘terrible twos’

          Our Sun’s beginnings are a mystery. It burst into being 4.6 billion years ago, about 50 million years before the Earth formed. Since the Sun is older than the Earth, it’s hard to find physical objects that were around in the Sun’s earliest days—materials that bear chemical records of the early Sun. But in a new study in Nature Astronomy, ancient blue crystals trapped in meteorites reveal what the early Sun was like. And apparently, it had a pretty rowdy start.

          “The Sun was very active in its early life—it had more eruptions and gave off a more intense stream of charged particles. I think of my son, he’s three, he’s very active too,” says Philipp Heck, a curator at the Field Museum, professor at the University of Chicago, and author of the study. “Almost nothing in the Solar System is old enough to really confirm the early Sun’s activity, but these minerals from meteorites in the Field Museum’s collections are old enough. They’re probably the first minerals that formed in the Solar System.”

          The minerals Heck and his colleagues looked at are microscopic ice-blue crystals called hibonite, and their composition bears earmarks of chemical reactions that only would have occurred if the early Sun was spitting lots of energetic particles. “These crystals formed over 4.5 billion years ago and preserve a record of some of the first events that took place in our Solar System. And even though they are so small—many are less than 100 microns across—they were still able to retain these highly volatile nobles gases that were produced through irradiation from the young Sun such a long time ago,” says lead author Levke Kööp, a post-doc from the University of Chicago and an affiliate of the Field Museum.

          In its early days, before the planets formed, the Solar System was made up of the Sun with a massive disk of gas and dust spiraling around it. The region by the sun was hot. Really hot— more than 1,500 C, or 2,700 F. For comparison, Venus, the hottest planet in the Solar System, with surface temperatures high enough to melt lead, is a measly 872 F. As the disk cooled down, the earliest minerals began to form—blue hibonite crystals.

          “The larger mineral grains from ancient meteorites are only a few times the diameter of a human hair. When we look at a pile of these grains under a microscope, the hibonite grains stand out as little light blue crystals—they’re quite beautiful,” says Andy Davis, another co-author also affiliated with the Field Museum and the University of Chicago. These crystals contain elements like calcium and aluminum.

          When the crystals were newly formed, the young Sun continued to flare, shooting protons and other subatomic particles out into space. Some of these particles hit the blue hibonite crystals. When the protons struck the calcium and aluminum atoms in the crystals, the atoms split apart into smaller atoms—neon and helium. And the neon and helium remained trapped inside the crystals for billions of years. These crystals got incorporated into space rocks that eventually fell to Earth as meteorites for scientists like Heck, Kööp, and Davis to study.

  6. “Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)”
    “The Satanic Pedophilia Network
    which underlies the New World Order was again exposed in the last few months by another brave whistleblower. Australian woman Fiona Barrett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names. Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators. She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia – just as it has in the US and Britain.”

  7. Redding – Riddick
    yesterday I watched the second part of Riddick
    there was a planet crematorium
    it is a disaster of monumental proportions for us in Redding and outlying communities.

    Of the 90,000 +- residents, more than 37,000 have been evacuated, with even the evacuation centers being evacuated as the fires progress.

    While the city proper is mostly safe, the outlying towns in the foothills and mountains are still in grave danger.

    Looting is ramping up, and resources to incarcerate offenders are slim. They know it, we know it, and they just laugh at the ‘catch and release’ atmosphere of our law enforcement. Thanks Governor Jerry Brown for bringing us this legal and moral catastrophe.

    We bugged out for awhile when our property was threatened, but are back home safe, yet still prepared to flee at a moment’s notice.

    There is tragedy all around and ash falls like snow. Whole, charred or ash leaves fall, even ragged-edged pages out of books have fallen all over–someone’s cherished library up in smoke.
    https://pp.userapi.com/c831508/v831508958/15b514/L8vAONVZTlM.jpg https://pp.userapi.com/c847124/v847124003/b0c87/feMwnhMs0lE.jpg https://pp.userapi.com/c848732/v848732458/416dc/cpmhWEhzdD8.jpg

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