Metaphysics / Spiritual / Synchronicity

The Second Coming

A snake has shown itself in Is Real at the Western Wall in Jerusalem (thanks Roob).



Is it Attest ?



A Star Reborn.

‘There has been a Galaxy of change’.

‘Dressing for the Real World’.



He’s a very naughty boy.



Atonement : Briony.

‘I am your Mother, your Daughter, your Sister’.



It’s Bazaar.



The Second Caming.



The Only Son of God.

‘I am a Sinner’.




And the Daughter of God. Who Is Real ?

One Million Years B.C.



The Doors of Perception.




Nothing Compares.


34 thoughts on “The Second Coming

  1. Funny yesterday I chuckled to myself remembering how I used to reply “it’s a trap!” to syncagogues. I was so para no id. Doubly so after a stint of travel and interaction with man kinds aka ghouls.

    But that snake in the Jewish wall was caught. The Wall of the demigogues: IT’S A TRAP!

  2. It’s Attrap!!!! In France! Live from life in bubble landia.

    What a way to “experience” the “Infinite”. From the comfort of a gated bubble.

  3. I went to triple A to map out a drive across country and asked for an alt route that didn’t include hills so I could drag my ka behind me and a young lady called her more experienced fellow over and introduced him as ”Victor”. Victor goes take the 66 it’s different now, not like in the movies, and I laugh inside. His route would take me through zuniland and texas.

  4. I think this week could be interesting, leading up to 11-11-11 on Sunday.

    The US will make a decision on Tuesday, which is basically about the sky God. Anything could happen, no one wants to predict the outcome or how the sky God will react if the choice doesn’t go his way.

    But, choose we must. 🙂

    • Soft Eyes

      Numerologically speaking we have some interesting dates coming up.


      And 2018 is an 11 date. 2+1+8 = 11.

      • Frank

        Don’t know if you saw the Doctor last night but, I thought the simultaneous countdown to stop the explosion and the countdown to the birth was interesting.
        And a Tru man birth. 🙂

        All the 11s. Lots of doors opening. Lots of energy. 🙂

      • Frank
        Nomad Stunts is a group of professional stuntmen, which in 2000 was organized by the honored worker of the republic Zhaydarbek Kunguzhinov on the basis of equestrian acrobatic number “Nomad” of the Kazakh State Circus in Almaty.

        Kassym Zhumaguzhin was a second generation circus performer, repeatedly took part in the filming of Kazakhstan, Russian and Hollywood films, including filmed in “Nomad” by Sergey Bodrov, “Day Watch” by Timur Bekmambetov, “Rakekeer” by Akan Sataev, “The Expendables-2” Sylvester Stallone and dozens of others. The latest work of the stuntman was Peplum Akana Sataeva “Tomiris”, the shooting of which ended in late September. In the Nomad Stunts group, Zhumaguzhin has worked since the day he was founded.

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