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The major influence on my “ Spiritual ” journey has been “A Course in Miracles ” . This book was channelled by an American Jewish psychologist called Helen Schucman and was assisted in this work by a colleague, William Thetford . Even though it is never made clear, it is assumed that the source is Jesus . Putting aside my doubts about channelling, I took the Course as instructed and have found it to be the most truthful spiritual book, including The Bible and The Koran .

The book can be summed up by the phrase found on the first page :

Nothing real can be threatened .
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God .

Its main theme is that our physical World is not real and is actually a defence to prolong our separation from God . It claims our World is an attack on God and our egotistical Mind has set up various strategies to continue this separation . Through my own experiences and insights, I have found this to be true . In the Preface it explains :

The world we see merely reflects our own internal frame of reference – the dominant ideas, wishes and emotions in our minds . “ Projection makes perception ” . We look inside first, decide the kind of world we want to see and then project that world outside, making it the truth as we see it . We make it true by our own interpretations of what it is we are seeing . If we are using perception to justify our own mistakes – our anger, our impulses to attack, our lack of love in whatever form it takes – we will see a world of evil, destruction, malice, envy and despair .

All this we must learn to forgive, not because we are being “ good ” and “ charitable ” but because what we are seeing is not true .We have distorted by our twisted defences, and are therefore seeing what is not there . As we learn to recognise our perceptual errors, we also learn to look past them or “ forgive ” . At the same time we are forgiving ourselves, looking past our distorted self concepts to the Self That God created in us and as us .

As The Course says, it is only one path amongst many and is mainly aimed at the Christian world . Don’t be put off by whether Jesus is the source, as it is the teachings that are important . If you are offered the choice of taking “A Course in Miracles” I would definitely recommend it but would add a rider to this advice – It won’t be easy, but you will find it very worth while .

PS: it is not a course like Scientology, which will cost you a lot of money . The only cost is the price of a book – in Britain it cost me £30- .

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    • No agenda apart from revealing the darkness . Read through the blog and if you can find an ‘agenda’ please tell me . I have another blog for my spiritual beliefs – take it or leave it . I think its fair to show what my beliefs are .

      I assume you have never read A Course In Miracles but dismiss it without knowledge . All I would say is you are missing out on a view which is different from most spiritual beliefs 🙂 .

      • Of course I’ve read it and dozens of new age books, the bibles and much more besides. Each of course, contains truths but it is knowing the fork in the road, or point of departure (i.e. when an agenda becomes visible) which is essential to discernment. What we are seeing is real enough when and if we know the reality behind it for millions of children. It is illusion or rather self-delusion of the psychopathically deranged ‘farmers’ but it is made real and manifested through the ignorance of the victims. We are what we are born into, we become part of our created and controlled environment UNLESS we open our senses and research the history and nature of things. Michael Tsarion claims his mother wrote or co-wrote this book which should act as a clear warning signal to those capable of discernment; after all, he’s mates with Michael Aquino (Temple of Set) and Barbara Marx Hubbard (what’s in a name?) as were his parents. Do the backstory. I don’t beLIEve this book is for the benefit of those seeking answers outside of the traditional religious texts as it is all part of the new religion. Rape and torture is REAL.

        • We all walk our own path . I just want everyone to know where I’m coming from with nothing hidden .

          If the book has one fault, it is that its analysis of the problem is accurate but it doesn’t really give a way out apart from leaving everything to ‘spirit’ which may work in the long run but doesn’t seem to work very well in the short term .

          Rape and torture are real in our five sense world but the world we see is in our Mind and imagined – thank God . But it is a very impressive ‘virtual reality’ version . In fact, one of the reasons why we are still caught up in it, is the belief the world is real .

        • oh, I’ve just learned that Shucman was a CIA asset (who isn’t in the new rage movement?) We all know CIA created the psychedelic fashion accompanied by all the fantasy books and films providing a never never land wishful thinking in the global gulag being constructed around our ears. So if Course in Miracles is CIA …. is it still worthy of ‘respect’?

      • You can only channel demonic entities that masquerade as beings of Light, only Jesus offers us the solution, the rest is blah blah caressing mans ego……… no offence !!

        • ”You can only channel demonic entities” was that information channeled to you? Which authority does it come from? Man, God, your imagination?

        • I love the deep mysteries of God that you declare! I feel your words, but how can we bring clarity. It is like fighting the wind, but not really. These truths are spiritually discerned, only. I tasted the Glory of God, but how to articulate, I don’t know. Knowledge is increasing though, hallelujah! Keep sharing the unexplainable! Thank you and God bless your soul! I just read a comment saying only Jesus offers the truth…blah..blah. Do you mean that literally? Is darkness fake and deceitful, or does truth penetrate darkness? There is light in darkness, but no darkness in the truth. God made both, darkness and light, so they are necessary.

      • re:BRIDGETTE’ thoughts… No offense taken. My questions to you are, ” How do you KNOW Jesus is the true answer? What if, the bible is actual Alien (off worlders) geneology lines? Or, what if, Jesus was a figment of a writers’ over active imagination? Or, what if, the TRUTH was “twisted” to suit nefarious purposes? Or, what if, truth is mixed with falsehoods to confuse? Or, ….I could go on but, you get the point -I think. Not trying to be rude just trying to think of possible scenarios.

        • We are all Jesus’s. The Bible is clear about reincarnation, but nobody wants to except it. Many prophets are supposed to be coming back before the end of the age. Why do people reject reincarnation?

  1. Course in Miracles?? One of the most obvious deceitful new age lies! Sounds good- yes, I read it many yrs ago but it is a huge lie.

    The Course is said to have been “dictated” to atheistic psychologist Helen Shucman by “an inaudible voice,” who, she claimed, later identified himself as “Jesus”. The Bible, however, emphatically forbids the practice of spiritism (see Deuteronomy 18:9-12) – which is exactly what Ms. Shucman was engaged in. So there’s your first big fat lie!!! Jesus doesn’t authorize occultism or channeling. Jesus is the ONLY begotten son of God. There is no one or nothing else but Jesus. How clever for Ms Shucman to try to trick people into thinking if it was ok with Jesus, must be good!

    We really are in the physical. Satan has been allowed by God to have power in this earthly realm until the 2nd coming of Jesus. What defenses do we have on earth? Only one! That is the power of Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God – if you begin to read God’s word, you wil find great supernatural power in it for believers. There really is a spiritual war going on here. Ye must be born again in Jesus Christ in order to have eternal life in Heaven and to be forgiven of your sins. There is NO other way. Please read the Bible – KJV and repent for any connection to occult. I had to also as I was led down many false paths for 10 yrs b/c I sought spiritual guidance in the wrong places. Jesus is so loving and kind and available for anyone who seeks Him. Time is short as one can see by how evil this world has become. Satan has a limited time here and is enjoying taking all you new agers down with him. Here’s a good link to read about the underbelly of Course in Miracles. In Jesus, skyblue

    A Course in Miracles EXPOSED!

    • Hi Skyblue – good luck on your journey . To be honest, I doubt if you have read it – nobody who knows A Course In Miracles would ever just say ‘I read it ‘ .

      There is no Satan and no good or evil part from in our Mind . There is no war apart from in the Mind . We need no defences against the Devil- what we are really scared of is God .

      You obviously didn’t understand the point of the resurrection – Jesus didn’t die and neither will you or me . The physical world isn’t real – there is no death or hurt unless you think it .

      • We will not die! Who believes in everlasting life? Jesus taught it and is living it, so are our loved ones who fell asleep, so to speak. All fear is gone, when death has no sting! You aren’t dying, you aren’t dying, you can’t die or God is a liar. Why are we afraid of death? Our ancestors are probably laughing at our ignorance and lack of faith. Ha! Ha! They really are afraid of death. Death at its worst, is Graduation or Spiritual Awakening. Please believe this, of all truths, believe this and you will experience heaven on 🌎 earth. No more bondage to fear… Jesus defeated death, hell, and the grave. How? By exposing the lies and conquering those mind-sits. There is no hell as we think it to be. We can live like we are in hell, if we try to separate ourselves from the Omniscient One. But can we really? Of course not! Spirit is everywhere, all the time, well Spirit isn’t bound by time, but you get my drift. Has anyone ever experienced heaven on earth? I have, but there is no way to explain it with words. Imagine all limitations of the physical gone, but everything else is the same. One day I will articulate that Spiritual happening. Thank everyone for the deep discussion!

    • Oh, dear. KJV is obviously as it says, The King James Version of the book of the sun. And King James was a psychopathic killer into torturing women for ‘witchcraft’ allegations, revelling in the blood of slain animals (also bestiality) and sodomy of young boys. Why do people get caught between the Devil and the monster of the sea? Do the research on everything. It was written by ‘Sir’ Frances Bacon’s tribe of scribes (numbering around 50) whilst he was profitting from kidnap of British and Irish, men, women and children to be sold as colonial slaves to his Jewitch brothers. Horrible despotic creatures, whose bloodlines still rule today. No better or worse than Course in Miracles for demonic input.

  2. Frank,

    Your into your various theories, and some of it is interesting reading , this so-called “A Course In Miracles ” is created out of thin air by a Jewish psychologist called Helen Schucman .

    If you know anything about Judaism one of its key roles is to destroy catholacism, therefore you have fallen for it , hook , line and sinker.

    A Jewish psychologist called Helen Schucman writting a book that destroys religion.

    If you know anything about psychology and zionism you will know it is another Jewish invention and nothing good has ever come of it.

    Frank wake up, you have been had.

    Paul D

    • Hi Paul

      I don’t know why everyone gets in such a state about A Course in Miracles . I don’t know if you have read or studied it at all but at its core, it has one teaching – Love and I don’t see what is wrong with that .

      A Course in Miracles has nothing to do with Judaeism or Zionism apart from the fact that Helen Schucman was Jewish . If you follow that line, then Jesus and the Apostles could be seen as agents for Zionism .

      Regarding Catholicism, the book actually reinforces the divinity of Jesus so I am puzzled why so many Catholics and Fundamental Christians are so scared of the book . All the book does is explain how we got in this mess and how to get out of it . I have many spiritual tracts in my bookcase including The Satanic Bible, which is a bit of an odd one,the Bible and the Koran but they all have something to offer .

      The Catholic Church has many problems at present and their cause is nothing to do with A Course in Miracles or Zionism, I’m afraid .

  3. Hi Frank,

    I appreciate your well thought out and calm response, thanks, However all i am saying is if you undrestand judaism and zionism you will understand why “A Course In Miracles ” written by a Jewish psychologist Helen Schucman came into existance.

    It is a clasic jewish destructive disinformation campaign, nothing less, i know people who have read it, and its aim is part of the jewish campaign to destroy religion and its working.


    Paul D

    • I think we’re going to have to disagree . I’ve read it and don’t see what it has got to do with Zionism or how it is a threat to any religion, but an additional add on for one’s faith .

  4. PS Frank,

    I notice you concentrate on “catholic church” crimes, maybe you should look into this story as well;

    ” Child sex abuse scandal rocks Orthodox Jewish community after 85 arrested
    117 alleged victims spoke out from tight-knit religious society

    By Daily Mail Reporter – UK

    UPDATED: 22:19, 12 December 2011

    An Orthodox Jewish community has had to face up to claims of child sex abuse after 83 men and two women were arrested.
    An initiative was set up to encourage victims to come forward despite pressure from the close-knit religious society to hush up the crimes.
    Some 117 male and female victims have approached authorities in Brooklyn, New York since 2006. There were 89 accusers under the age of 17. ”

    this story is incredible.

    Paul D

    • I’ll have a look at that Paul . Child abuse has got nothing to do with religion . I’m sure child abuse goes on in Judaism and Islam but as with the Catholic abuse scandal, it’s breaking the shell . Child abusers look for positions where they can carry out their abuse .

  5. Hi Frank,

    I just think if you gave ALL the religions equal billing on these posts re child abuse, just having 1 is Totally Biased, you need to add other examples like mine for instance.

    PS: – I read your piece on Sarah Payne, and its obvious you are rightly moved by this tragedy, as am i , and many of the comments are disparaging of your theory on it, i actually beleive there is possibly a lot of weight behind your theory.

    I remember reading a piece on a blog about the Belgium( and UK) Royal families, and the E.U members and Brussells Euro-parliament involved in satanic child abuse, so your thoughts on this are along the right lines, there is somethiong not right about the investigation into her case.


    • Hi Paul – I don’t think you’ve read the blog in the last day or two .

      The problem with the abuse scandal in the Catholic church was the sheer scale of it and the reluctance of the Vatican to take it seriously . Read some of what happened to the victims and it’s not easy to remain calm .

      Re Sarah Payne – I don’t see it as theory but fact, I’m afraid . I hope in time, the full story will be known but I literally need a bit of divine intervention, I think, to collect the proof I need .

  6. Hi Frank,

    You know why i like your blog?, its because of your calm responses to possibly emotive comments, well done.

    Vatican reluctance is deplorable, but my point is that pointing out 1 religion, and always inevtibly catholic, when the child abuse crimes of the jewish religion are almost always covered up and hidden by their control of their owned MS-media.

    re Sarah Payne – Like i said i agree with you on your theory( and i would not be surprised at all if it were a fact ), divine intervention would be good, unfortunately even if you got any proof, where would you take it to?, read up on the Hollie Grieg,( i hope i have spelled her name right?), case, internal cover-up from the highest to the lowest,

    where is justice in the UK Frank?

    i wish you all the luck possible with this Frank .


    Paul D

    • Merovee is an old French king who I believe is the same person as King Arthur . There are may similarities in their stories and I have an idea that the Arthurian legends are a ‘hidden in plain sight’ tale of the orgins of humanity but I can’t work it out yet .

      I wanted a name that people who are interested in the alternative media would remember . It was actually about my sixth choice but I am happy about the choice, as it seems to have worked .

  7. My personal research and thoughts seem to lead to a Zionist/Jewish/Saturn conspiracy for world dominance. I therefore am very suspicious of new age books like ‘A Course in Miracles’. I believe that most cults/religions are a form of mind control. I look to nature for my guidance not the heavens or priests.

    • Ash, i agree with you, i wish it werent true but there is a real Zionist/Jewish conspiracy for world dominance.

  8. Good Evening,
    Well after reading all the comments, I am dying to read this book, A course in Miracles, after all, why not? If we look and try to understand all the religions, the basis is the same, but addressed in slightly different ways, maybe tailored to different eras and nations, to lead them to the right path! Sky blue ,if you are reading this, I must tell you that I have respect for the Bible but isnt it a known fact that the real original bible had disapeared and the Bible that is manufactured has major man made changes in it ? Does it really make sense that it should forbid spiritism ? We are all spirits, wearing bodies for an earth experience, to learn what we did not learn, to achieve the goal of getting close to the Great Spirit,The Great Creator,a power that we can not comprehend in our tiny human brains!! But our spirit knows God and feels God,it is us who blocks that connection upon descending on earth.
    All the prophets and the holly books,teach one thing,the very same thing! And we are all creations of God whatever label you might wish to put one one another. It really doesnt matter which religion one is, what matters is the level of purity of his/her heart, and we have no right to judge one another with the man made labels, jew, black, white,muslim ,budist…. So what the writer of this book is a Jew, or he might be a Muslim or a Christian, the main thing is that She believes God and serves her life purpose,trying and helping the humanity on their journey.
    Moses… he was a great prophet, he had many teachings to his people,rightousnes and honesty along with devotion to God
    “…….And verily We gave unto Moses nine tokens, clear proofs (of Allah’s Sovereignty) . Do but ask the Children of Israel how he came unto them, then Pharaoh said unto him : Lo! I deem thee one bewitched, O Moses.”
    The Holy Kuran and confim that ,Jesus Christ did not die on the cross:
    ….That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.;- but they killed him not, nor crucified him,(663) but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not…..
    All the prophets were special as they were chosen,they tried to help the humanity in the dark ages where there was so much ignorance but the journey still goes on…
    We are all on a journey and we need to help each other,hold hands and reach for higher realms, the quicker we see it ……

    Love and light …

    • Thank you for your comment – I couldn’t have put it better myself .

      What I don’t get is that the commenters haven’t even opened the book and feel able to criticise it . Its not for everyone and I don’t understand the Jewish thing from Christians but there you go .

  9. I should say thank you very much for recommending this book, I just read the first 15 pages today and what i read so far makes sense to me. As you know there are kind of people in this world, they critise everything, what they know is the only truth and they feel free to judge.What they do not understand is that we all have conditioning from our parents and society but God gave us a brain and logic to find our own truth instead of following the crowd like mindless sheep !
    “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”Matthew 7;8
    All we can do is wish those people well and hope that they break free from their chains that hold them down.
    Blessings …

  10. Hi, I have read all the above comments with great interest. I have been studying ‘A Course in Miracles’ on and off for 6 years. It is a fascinating book that I would recommend to anyone.
    It led to me work with others in the most extraordinary way, in places I never imagined. Now, more than ever before, do we need to recognise that our perception of the world, and the changes we wish to see in it, begin with our source, which is us and our connection to the divine, in whatever form. I call it love. Love is an energy. It is what will sustain us and move us forward. We are in an era that have been prophesised by many. We have the opportunity to make great evolutionary cahnges if we stay open and connected with our true source. Thankyou. Namaste

  11. I find it interesting how easy it is for most to think that christianity is the answer? Considering Asiatic races pre-date anything part of christianity and the fact that the jews took there holy book from the teachings of the inner temple of Egypt. Jesus Christ is but an anagram for spirit man, nothing more nothing less. Considering that no holy book includes the fact we are not only in the universe might put into question most of its legitamacies.

  12. Frank- I am new to your site(s) and look forward to spending many, many reading hours here. I am thoroughly surprised at the “attacks” from the first 10 or so posts. ( I quit reading them) Just scanning your writings tell me you are very simple in your beliefs. That you see this world as an illusion come to life through the ONE mind of all who think things are this way yet, they are an illusion we have all together created. Including: religious beliefs and karma (really like your responses). I absolutely appreciate the simplification you provide. I have had a taste of “A Course in Miracles” many years back from a video this lady (name?) produced on access television. She spoke so calm and clearly explained this course. Perhaps, I shall have a copy come my way to refresh and complete this course. Each indivdual does choose his or own paths of understanding. I feel your path is enlightening for me personally. Thank you, kindly.

    • Hi Rhonda – I don’t understand the antipathy towards ‘A Course in Miracles’ and that’s a pretty good summing up of how I see our ‘Bizarro World’ . Some of the ideas are not original and I doubt if ‘Jesus’ was the real channel but I think its on the right track . It has a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude which I appreciate but as you say, we all follow our different paths .

      It doesn’t really effect this blog but I wanted to be open so that readers could understand where I am coming from .

  13. I have the Course and have done the year-long workbook for students section. I found it very useful in changing my attitudes. My take on the Course is that Helen had a conflict with religion, and her babysitter introduced her to Christianity. Helen attended daily Mass at a Catholic church in NYC but never converted. She was NOT anti-Catholic. It simply gave her no peace. She became a psychologist in her late 40’s and went to work for Bill Thetford. Their relationship was not harmonious. I believe Helen channeled the Course herself because of her deep conflict with religion. That being said, I feel the Course has some wonderful, beneficial advice to guide one’s life. Nothing in it will harm you, and I live by this advice: I can choose peace instead of this (whatever is disturbing your mind.) Thanks, Frank.

    • If you knew ACIM, you would know that your ‘nothing can be more dangerous’ comment is very ironic .

      The other problem is that it makes the same claim about Bill Thetford which a lot of others have made but I haven’t been able to verify it . If you have anything definitive, I would be happy read it .

  14. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read “a few” words of. So the world is all in our mind? so you see the same bridge, car, people etc that I see but we both imagined the same thing? Looney tunes. God made the heavens & the earth. Adam & Eve. We were created by God to worship him. There is no inbetween. You are dealing w/evil dangerous crap

    • @Cindy. I understand your ambivalence re: thoughts you do not yet understand. Great questions you pose.Makes me think. I have trouble with your absolute “You are dealing w/evil, dangerous crap.” Please, tell me what is evil and what is dangerous here ?.
      When I read your words I felt like I was at a Babtist tent revival ! WOW! The power at the sound of condemnation from a booming deep voiced PREACHer- under a huge tent with a dirt floor. wow. Brought back memories.

    • Hi Cindy – ‘God’ gets a very bad press . Do you think he/she would create a world where death, disease and war abound ? Seems unlikely to me 🙂 .

  15. Excuse my test above, was just checking whether I would be forced to publish this on social networks as well, thankfully not.

    @Cindy Most of the world believe in talking snakes and invisible men, perhaps it’s not so dumb. The reason scientists use the term Scientific Theory and the fact it will always be a theory even if it seems to proved is because science also accepts that unless it knows everything it cannot be 100% sure of anything.

    But we do understand things non the less and controlling people and opinion is as old as civilisation. If \the book says the info came from Jesus then I believe it is fake though many points within it maybe true, I haven’t read it but have many others in the same genre.

    It’s not just the lack of evidence which shows the Abramic religions as the largest most pervasive conspiracy on the planet but evidence to the contrary. Not that we can discount the lack of evidence, a guy that was supposed to preach to thousands and fed five thousand of them with a few loaves and bread, turned water into wine, walked on water, raised the dead and when he died the dead walked the street and the sun went out. All these would’ve been recorded at the time by historians that existed then and long before.

    Herodotus was a Jewish historian who wrote indepth about the history of the Jews and about the time he was in, he does mention Jesus but he said Jesus was the Christ. Something a Jew would not say and remain a Jew, it’s just not possible and we know he remained a Jew until death. Someone inserted it afterwards.

    The story of Christianity’s nativity was already recorded on the walls of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt long long before or for that matter the story of Eden though called E.Din from Sumeria, basically building from clay and water, I believe Babylon had the story too..

    The story of Noah was also recorded, doves and all though with different names of the characters, so too was the story of Moses in a basket brought up by Royalty 500 years before both in Sumeria. Other stories have used the same pagan themes from long before as are our celebrations Christmas and Easter the easiest to disprove.

    Nor could Jesus be crucified and the whole story is based on lies. We know how strict the Jewish clergy was, they believed it was God’s word not to be changed unlike Christians which did just that and contradicting whoever wrote the very specific commandment of Jesus not to, not by one iota nor until heaven and earth passes away, Since we’re still here obviously the law is too.

    The Sanhedrin, the Jewish council that decided his fate could not meet on the eve of religious days, even less one of the most important, Passover. Nor could they meet in the priests home, they had a special chamber for such a purpose nor for that matter could they meet at night as they operated under strict daylight hours. Nor could they decide his fate the next morning as was told, a 24 hour wait was required to consider the evidence and in case any new evidence might show up. They also had to follow their law and punish according to it, crucifixion was not part of it, they strangled, stoned or threw them unto rocks off a cliff, they could not nor would they ever crucify anyone.

    Whoever wrote the whole story had not the slightest clue of even the most basic of Jewish law and because the Jews were implicated it was likely a Roman though also because Jesus provided Gentiles an excuse, an outclause if you like to follow this religion as they couldn’t possibly follow Jewish law anyway. The Romans saw the power of this religion and how a backward people with enough superstition and faith could take on the power of their empire.

    They couldn’t make the laws disappear since it was also recorded orally and passed on so they inserted a complete contradiction to God’s former self from a killer of near 25 million (a conservative figure) including innocent women and children (even their animals) to a pacifist,. From a God who killed thousands of his very own followers or had other followers kill them, for worshiping other Gods he said didn’t exist to a God that told them to turn the other cheek and even pay taxes willingly to an empire that had more Gods than most other pagans. Obviously suiting the Romans.

    As a criminal often leaves clues to their own capture or the deceptive partner that can’t help mentioning the person they are also sleeping with it the Bible too tells you the truth at times. It says near the end times (and every generation including those from the time it was written believed it was near an end) the whole world will be deceived, even the elect.

    How makes up the majority if not the Abramics that all stem from the same source?

    If the Bible tells the truth then you are being deceived, if not well then it can’t be the infallible word of God can it?.

    A loving God knowing the future would not have created this place knowing the death and destruction (and of his only begotten son) that would follow his creativity nor would have allowed the most evil being in history to corrupt it. Ultimately if only he killed the one single being responsible he would not have to kill millions including some completely innocent.

    This God (by his own words) said he was the first mass terrorist, if a good supreme God does exist then he, for whatever reason has left this world to it’s creator, in other words the truth is the reverse of what we’ve been led to believe. A deception just as it says.

      • Good I’m glad to hear it but here is the strange part, much of what the Bible talks about concerning the end times at least in Daniel and Revelation appears to be correct. The one world system, cashless society, weather changes, corruption of the elect, spying on your neighbour, divided society, your whole life recorded, events being seen by everybody at once, signs in the sky and much more give it some credibility and from thousands of years ago.

        How can this be explained when much of the Bible is either faked, twisted or copied?

        Logically there can only be two explanations, either some groups have been working hard trying to fulfill prophecies for purposes of control or whatever reason or there is a dark force behind it all which does sound bizarre but there are no other reasonable explanations which make sense.

        If we look at the formation of Israel it wasn’t some calling from God but the result of two world wars which was a solution to millions of fleeing Jews from greater Germany and Russia and the solution was funded and supported by those involved in facilitating the wars in the first place. It’s too huge a subject to detail here but I hope you’ll take my word for it.

        The Nazis knew well the history of the Jews though their own tainted version of it, as Lord Londonderry said when he met them in secret before the war when they tried to enlist the British as allies. He was presented with a ton of documents which claimed they controlled international finance through conspiracy, he didn’t dispute it and was known as an appeaser but told them Britain would never support their ‘final solution.’

        But the final solution was exactly what Hitler talked about at length when talking of eugenics, you remove the sick and weak to produce a stronger race. Since all the elite Jews escaped elsewhere he was doing exactly to the common Jewish race which he said he wanted wiped out, he went against everything he talked about.. European Jews make up the vast majority in the world, 92% in fact which are known as Ashenkenazis, the Germans would’ve known this, does it make sense to copy the name of people they saw as inhuman, would they not condemn such an association since they were so big on symbology and the like? Or for that matter even this subject is normally taboo with the Anti-Defamation League, again because of what Hitler did. Despite the fact that what I’m saying is in no way Anti-Semitic but just trying to make sense of the facts.

        I’m guessing that a foot soldier in WWI would not know economics never mind theorize about eugenics so like many leaders it was probably written for him. Hitler’s aids said on several occasions they would walk into his room and he would seem like in a trance state but shaking and frothing. He even said himself he met the ‘evil one’ and said he terrified him, in Mien Kampf he also quoted from Blavastsky and of course the occultism of some of his top Generals are now no secret.

        I’m just relating a small part and but trying to make sense of it all, if you have researched anything similar I would be interested in your opinion. I’m not a natural believer in spooks so this is as bizarre to me as anyone else reading this who’s never looked into it, ironic maybe that the religious would except it straight away but I believe they might be backing the wrong horse, if any of this spiritual stuff is true at all.

        • Hi Greg – its not just Revelations but there have been all sorts of stuff going on with Genesis, as well which I believe is deliberate . But from my observations, I would say there is another force behind the curtain pulling the strings out of sight . What that is, I’m waiting to see with interest .

          And re Hitler and his vision . I am firmly in the camp of ‘Magic is science we don’t understand yet’ .

          • “but there have been all sorts of stuff going on with Genesis, as well”

            I’ve read some about it but don’t see that it adds anything special unless I’m missing something.

            “But from my observations, I would say there is another force behind the curtain pulling the strings out of sight . What that is, I’m waiting to see with interest ”

            Would you stick your neck out and guess who or what and from what evidence?

            I only give two explanations from the logic of the stories but when we’re talking of of spiritual beings in the sky obviously they’re not in the clouds but from the heavens, another world, in space.

            Yet even today it’s still portrayed as lunacy by the media but as most scientists point out the odds of us being alone are astronomical. If you ever play an online game between as far apart as the US and the UK you can expect a ping (the time it takes to travel there and back) as low as 150 milliseconds, most of a day if you were to fly. With that awesome speed if you started off from one side of our Milky Way galaxy, 10,000 years later you would only reach halfway. It contains millions of suns like our own and with their own solar systems and our galaxy is dwarfed by our nearest spiral galaxy Andromeda which contains billions, then figure that in the universe we can see and there are billions of galaxies all with their own etc etc etc

            The chances of us being the most advanced is near impossible and against the odds that we would be anywhere near the forefront and as every species we have explores it’s only logical they would do the same. Though I doubt very much it would be a fill up and go affair Yes their science would be our magic, we just can’t imagine what they know.

            The problem is the deeper you look into it the more contradictory it gets, if these various symbols have some power and are really necessary why present them as something else? Yahweh time and time again calls himself the good, just and loving God but by his actions the exact opposite yet most of the world believes he is good.

            Freemasonry for example tells us they only require a worship of a supreme God without definition yet the oldest artifact ever found was in Ireland hidden in a bridge called Baals Bridge. Why Baal? Because Baal is El which is why the Bible features Daniel, Samuel or Gabriel or Israel, all ‘of the God El’ If we look at Irish legend Baal was the bad guy who lived in a tall glass tower off the coast, he was a cyclops and when his men would force open his huge with sticks the enemy who looked at him died.

            You might think of the Lord of the Rings at this point but Tolkien the author studied Finnish to research their legends, it wasn’t just an invention of his imagination and the theme of these are much the same but yet in the Middle East he is detached from the eye legend and the cyclops is creature within his realm. Which gives the possibility that story evolved on it’s way to the Middle East not from it..

            Remember the house of the Gods in Ireland still standing today is a 1000 years older than the Great Pyramid or Stonehenge and long before any writings in the Middle East have been found. The Essenes, supposed to be Jesus’ tribe talked of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, in Ireland we find the same but they were called the Tuatha De Danann or people/tribe of the Goddess Danu but from the older Dia which could just be a generic term for Gods/Goddess. Of course in the Bible we also had the Tribe of Dan but early Christian texts also refer to all the Israelites as Tuatha De, so there’s no doubting the connection.

            They said they came from the land of sumer, either way it could mean a land of sun or Sumer itself, Sumeria and where we find the original story of the Gods coming to earth and just so happens where we find the birth of civilization, writing, teaching, printing, money, the clock even all without any apparent evolution.

            But there is more to it when they landed in Ireland they met the inhabitants who they conversed with over their shields, which meant they must’ve originated from the same area at some time or they were actually returning to their origins. Other legends support it in other ways, a later group called the Milesians from their King Mil (King of the Celts) arrived in Ireland through Spain, research from Dublin university has since shown the DNA of the oldest west coast of Ireland people match those in the oldest Basque region of Spain, the disputed part the terrorist group ETA was fighting over.

            He brought with him an Egyptian princess called Scottus where we get Scotland today as the Irish according to legend went over to Scotland and overtook their Pictish Royalty. Legend say her and other Egyptian Royals are buried in Ireland some around the site of Newgrange though excavations are disallowed by the government. Indeed Egyptian beads have been found in the past and mummified barbary apes, of course an Egyptian practice. If there’s one thing we know of Egyptian Royalty they were fanatical about death and burial, does it make sense they would allow themselves to be buried there unless that’s were they came from?

            I’m out of time but there’s much more but I’ll add one before I go. During WWI a bomb hit a church damaging the altar, a phallus was found inside. The guy was put in charge of rescuing these altars called Prof. Geoffery Webb after examining many more in England he found 92% of churches built before the second century (138 AD IIRC) also had hidden phalli inside the altar. This meant it was organised and was not to be known to the public, a conspiracy if you like.

            I think this is the real hidden history and why the symbolism reflects it, the importance of the eye, Egypt and the eye and much more besides.This is why crowds of Christians or Jews in Alexandria burned down the priceless library, why St Patrick did the same in Ireland and the Spanish in S.America meanwhile all of them destroyed and built over older temples. It wasn’t a good church fighting pagans but all the same thing and an evolution never properly told and probably never will.

            • Genesis and Revelations – Death of the Age and Birth of ‘The Brave New World’, which will probably be like an updated version of the old world .

              At its core, I think there is some form of computer like ‘Belief system’ which keeps churning out lies to our mind . But over the years, I’ve noticed there is a force which seems to act as its agents, similar to The Matrix . I think it is out of our conscious awareness but what form it takes, I honestly don’t know .

  16. Please excuse any typos, obviously I’ve some time on my hands today but I hope you find it all interesting if you don’t already know. Incidentally as an agnostic I’m not saying any of this talk of Gods is exactly true but looking at it logically, it only fits correctly in this way and many of the contradictions disappear.

    The vast majority of scholars have long accepted the religious facts above or that there is no evidence of a Kingdom of Israel outside of scripture just the reference to the name which could be a tribe. Back then it was common for people to attribute Gods to themselves or the places they lived. Israel does seem such a case. Isis, Mother Goddess, Ra, sun God both Egyptian and El, Cannanite God or later generic term for God. The last word in the Bible Amen was a principal Egyptian sun God later as Amen-Ra and the first word Genesis could be Genes of Isis from the Greek Genea meaning race. Even the word Bible itself comes from Byblos in Egypt.

    If you ever wonder why the pope everyday raises his hands in front of an obelisk of Osiris, which of course is the symbol of his penis and spirit or why they were important enough to be transported to all the major power centers of the world this could be why, I believe some group has always known the truth.

    Incidentally Ra was also written as Re but pronounced the same, it is why we say ray of the sun but also why that NASA craft is called Osiris-Re minus the x.

    If you want to read more I would look Helena Blavatsky’s writings, she was a major follower of the Lucifer doctrine and the catalyst for many of today’s new age thinking,
    the whole system we have today is certaInly illusory and the reason the financial sector has always controlled it is because it’s always been religious, money comes from the Gods. The word itself comes from the Goddess Moneta combined with Juno and the story of Jesus getting mad at the money changers in the temple and the only time he did was simply dropping in that truth. It’s probably coincidental but interesting that money comes from Babylon and the system has never went away.

    You probably know that the Vatican is built upon a rock but it’s the rock and altar of Mithras, as was the first Bank of England built over one where excavations are ongoing today. The elite have always built over older temples and across the world but when a bank does it it tells of the importance of their beliefs and it wasn’t built by priests.

    It could well be the real reason why the EU headquarters is constructed to ape the tower of Babylon, (in fact a promotional poster says just that) why a women riding a beast (bull) sits outside another, why New York has it’s bull in it’s financial center and has a Goddess or Mother of Harlots sitting overseeing the seven seas exactly as said in the Bible, those spikes on her head are what they represent. She doesn’t have a chain on one leg because of America freeing slaves. For a start it was Britain that banned it long before but it was the Sumerian Goddess that freed slaves and gave them a liberty cap to wear like a badge, liberty is almost a catchphrase as long as the US has been. The reason I say it’s more likely a Goddess is because Freemasons paid for it and anything grandiose they build has esoteric meanings.

    If you look at the Eiffel Tower which they also built it is in fact an obelisk on a truncated pyramid and if underneath and you followed the road exactly pointing to Britain you take a long hop skip you pass within a short distance of Stonehenge but travelling on you exactly land on Newgrange in Ireland, one of the oldest house of Gods in the world, which itself aligns with the solstice just as some temples in Egypt do. A 1000 years before the pyramids or Stonehenge and watertight despite having no mortar.

    The Mother of Parliaments in London is of course famous but so is it’s clock but look again you’ll see it’s actually a pyramid on an obelisk, like thousands of churches across the world. Not that it’s needed as Cleopatra’s Needle from Egypt is close by anyway. The origin of the name Big Ben is officially unknown but what we do know is that the Ben Ben stone is a phallic symbol in Egypt, coincidence?

    Even today the connections continue, our modern electronic banking system is based on an encryption simply called Lucifer. In Fleet St, London the former Financial Times building is fronted by the face of Winston Churchill above the door but is inset in a black sun and surrounded by astrological symbols. As JP Morgan once said Millionaires don’t believe in astrology billionaires do, this back when billionaires were a select few.

    Probably the most famous banker still alive is David Rockefeller, out of the 200 or so organisations he has chaired one stands out, The Lucis Trust. This is a legacy of Blavatsky’s and her followers continue her work, it used to issue a periodical called Lucifer and you can look at their site and the language and symbols we see on many of our corporations today but why would he head a not for profit org looking for the return of ‘The Christ’ especially as he professes to be a Baptist?

    It seems he’s been a fan for some time with a golden statue of Prometheus (prototype of Lucifer) gaining pride of place along with other interesting artwork in their Plaza. I’m sure you’re aware of the various catch words especially light (luc) knowledge, triangles, triads or trinities and symbols like the biggest triangle the Great Pyramid, the winged sun or in it’s other forms.

    Going right back, if you look at the clay pots left behind by the Levites, the priestly tribe without a home you can see the icons of their supposed enemy in the Bible, the Sumerian winged disc (RAF, USAF, Luftwaffe and many others) and the Egyptian scarab beetle, symbol of rebirth. I believe they were part of the creation of monotheism along with Pharaoh Ahkenaten who just happens to be the father of the most famous of them all King Tut.

    We know the story of Moses was a copy but the truth is it’s covering up the fact that Moses was Egyptian and did ban all other Gods and banned any statues of his own. Sigmund Freud wrote a little known book on just this subject, that Ahkenaten was Moses. It was said that his brother Aaron spoke to God for him as he ‘was slow of speech’ Apparently God can converse with the heart but is lost with a speech impediment, many times you come across an absurdity such as this in the Bible and it’s normally a clue that the story means something else.

    Nat Geo recently sponsored research to 3D scan Ahkenaten’s mummy, it has shown that he has indeed a cleft palate but also a deformity of the spine. You might remember Moses and his famous serpent staff, the serpent one of the highest symbols which was often worn on their forehead in Egypt. Even knowing all this the name Moses was not Hebrew but Egyptian and in many other forms, Tutmoses, Ahmose etc

    When these priests were rebelled against and chucked out (not an escape) they had no direction to go but the Levant, I’m quite sure a procession of elite travelling by shepherds would’ve turned some heads and no doubt commanded some respect.

    The reason I believe we see all these symbols on everything the elite touch is because they have always known the truth of this system from it’s origins in Sumeria and Babylon to Egypt, to the Roman Empire, to the British then to the US and now the world under the label of Globalization.

    I have to add, it’s interesting how far NASA went to jemmy in those words to make OSIRIS-RE but you might or might not know that the Vatican have done the same and own the largest binocular telescope in the world. It’s name is another acronym, “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.”or just plain old LUCIFER. How far do you have to go to make a word mean something else? It’s like an in house joke.

  17. Only Darkness will come from these teachins although it seems it will bring Light.
    But out of Darkness comes Light. The suffering is a way for Evolution. The force named “Shiva” in hinduism is the force that drive the Evolution by suffering.There are 3 Forces that act like One in every solar system. Besides these Forces there are Forces far greater than anything man has ever dreamed. Everything comes from The One and will return to The One into Eternity.

    • Hi Frank. Just found this site. I am a longtime ACIM student also fascinated by the fact that everything that happens now is blatantly fake and scripted… also in my personal life. Us believers are currently being set up as crazies…. Homeland’s Carrie preconditions us to expect and fear being thrown in the insane asylum for speaking the truth a la dianne reidy.
      Anyhow I’m a huge Batman trilogy fan and fan of both Bale and Nolan. I think both are awake, maybe know about acim. Finally saw The Machinist last week. Youve got to see it. Best ever depiction of projection and how our reality is an insane dream driven by guilt.

      • Hi AC – even I’m surprised at the fakery and find myself wondering what is the force creating the ‘creation’ and how does it work? Even if you move away from the digital web, strange things happen in the personal experience. But whatever the truth of all that, the answer remains the same – letting it go and I suspect we’re getting a great deal of help in that !

        I don’t know about The Machinist but will look out for it.

        • I think the controlling force is our wrong mind but I am also obsessed with finding out who “they” are and the whole conspiracy and of course seeing them get their due…. All deluded wishful thinking. One thing clear in The Machinist…. He’s torturing himself. Which is what we are doing. Setting ourselves up for misery and pain. Even though I know this I keep doing it. I have been able to observe that the thought comes before I see it projected out there. Check out Disappearance of the Universe. I’d love to kjow what I think. Tg ere is a youtube board on it snd I’ve posted s couple times… a moeerator attacked me, has also mentioned the Love she hears or senses in Obama (lmao). But books by Gary Renard reslly helped me…. Look forward to hearing your reaction. I loved it. Opened my eyes a bit more. In his latest book he says the ego is like the Terminator. Lol ain’t that the yruth. It never gives up…..

          • Sorry for psycho seeming typos…when the message gets too long can’t scroll down to fix what I typed on my smartphone.

            • AC – once I tried to write an article from a smartphone. Not a good idea unless I wanted to look illiterate, so I ditched it.

              One of my frustrations with ACIM was with the concept of ‘Creation’. It talked a lot about our creations and vague references to how our mind created them without going into any great detail about the processes. But maybe we’ve got to see it to understand it.

              The conspiracy angle has surprised me or maybe it’s just a reflection of our suspicious mind. Presumably, Obama etc are ‘real’ whatever that means but what surprises me is that many individuals are consciously helping the continuation of the ‘false world’. To be honest, these days, I see the Ego more like a Matrix like computer which is wrongly coded. But I think things are being slowly revealed.

      • Speaking of the Batman Trilogy. What do you make of the Aurora shooting at the Dark Night Rises, and Sandy Hook being marked as a target in that film prior to the incident. Jack Nicholson warned Heath Ledger that there is an energy attached to The Joker and that playing the role almost drove Nicholson insane. Shortly, thereafter Ledger died of an apparent accidental drug overdose. Furthermore the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar’s name is pronounced “Joker.” I think we’d all better pay close attention to the new Batman movie being made with Jared Leto as The Joker (Archetypal Loki, Trickster, Fool).

        Also, after careful research I’m convinced Sandy Hook (Shady Hoax) is a farce and that Adam Lanza was a patsy (who maybe never even existed). What I’m wondering is what really happened that day and why? Gun control, increased Orwellian surveillance and Doublespeak? Or something I can’t quite fathom yet. Thoughts?

        • Killer Queen – welcome to the party. A good article to read is my most recent post Genisys and read Viktor’s comment as well. ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’ .

        • Yes, “Welcome!” …… “Killer Queen”…


          (Sorry Frank, forgive me… I am less than you… in the forgiveness department)….

  18. “Time is short as one can see by how evil this world has become.”

    For all the faults of this modern world, it is less evil today than at any time in history. A few examples of how:

    a) Torture is frowned upon in the civilized world. In the less civilized world, it still must take place in secret. This contrasts with, for example, the golden age of Christianity, during which heretics and unbelievers were routinely put to death in gruesome ways. And openly, with the full approval of the powers and principalities of this world, like the Christian church and its Jehovah-appointed kings.

    b) “The arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” In the civilized world, we’ve made strides towards social justice for homosexuals, women, and racial minorities. Homosexuals may now serve openly in the military without fear of official persecution. In many states they can even marry; soon, their right to do so will be recognized as a constitutional one. We move towards parity for women and racial minorities, too.

    c) In the civilized world, people live longer and more comfortably today than ever in history. Diseases which once crippled, or led to slow, painful death are all but eradicated. We have new health problems today, of course. But they’re comparatively easy to manage, and largely avoidable.

    d) In the civilized world, people are more free than ever. They can enjoy their sexuality without fear of religious reprisals, for example. We can criticize the kings or the clergy if we want; the latter the tyrant Jehovah punished severely–he sent bears to rip 42 kids to shreds just because they called a priest “baldy.”

    Kennedy said man was “made to be free.” Maybe. But not by the Evil One, Jehovah, who wanted us to wallow in ignorance in his Fool’s Paradise for all eternity. Who candidly admitted he inhibited us to keep us from achieving our potential. Who eternally punished Adam and Eve for disobeying; when by definition they could not have known disobeying was wrong, because they didn’t know good from evil.

  19. A Course In Miracles is a beautiful thing if it’s meant for you… Even the Course is aware there are 1000’s of paths to God and whatever path you are on is the one chosen for you. ACIM will help you to see this upside-down, backwards world and begin to see it correctly.

  20. In messages channeled by others, after the books release, Jesus says he authored the book. Regardless, one need only read something and sense the message and it’s frequency to know if it speaks the Truth.

  21. Finally, an ACIM site that is open to all kinds of dialogue. After 20 years of “Christianity” 8 years of being purged of the differing denominational teachings, 4 more years of Truth searching, I was brought to ACIM and I knew this was the path for me.
    The Truth I found in the Bible was what was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, the rest was just doctrinal teachings and others personal experiences with supporting scriptures.
    However, as I read ACIM, it is my heart which tells me this is the Truth, and I know it is the Truth, because the Truth is setting me free of the lies and teachings of fear, which many of the teachers of the Bible do to keep one enslaved.

  22. ACIM? Good. Lost me right out of the gate. I literally just found your site, and credibility shot instantly…saves a lot of time. The only mildly saving grace is that it’s obvious I’m nowhere near alone in this disgust…folks may be far more aware in general lately. As for the “antipathy” toward the book that is so confusing to you, would it help allay your feigned calm confusion if it was directed entirely at you instead? Because that’s exactly the case here. Anyway, I’ll refrain from the more explicit version of what I wish for you, but suffice to say the individual who linked me to you has now lost their credibility as well. I and probably a few others know what you are. Your existence disgusts me. But you’ll get your due, whether you “believe” it, or not.

    • Why are you so angry? If you ‘re not into ACIM or this blog go read something else. No one is trying to force you to be here. Just out of curiosity, why all the ACIM vitriol and censure?

  23. The Course has been my primary Spiritual influence as well. Its ability to transform and enlighten is boundless and truly miraculous. It is my guide through this labyrinthine existance on the muddled material plane. I’m so glad I found your blog; I look forward to reading more from you and Blade and Chalice ❤

  24. I took the course last summer holls, done the text on the flight there and done the workbook on the flight back.
    Nice book
    (Just kiddin)

  25. I love the deep mysteries of God that you declare! I feel your words, but how can we bring clarity. It is like fighting the wind, but not really. These truths are spiritually discerned, only. I tasted the Glory of God, but how to articulate, I don’t know. Knowledge is increasing though, hallelujah! Keep sharing the unexplainable! Thank you and God bless your soul!

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