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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I was just searching the internet for a picture of Lilith form my poem and ended up in your blog.
    Trutly Fascinating! I must have spent at least an hour reading articles and opinions.
    Truly insightful!
    Keep It Up.
    Just Subscribed E. Jemes

  2. Hi Frank – a prominent Israeli astrologer has issued warnings for yom kippur and the following Sunday. Said that there would be a major terror attack and or natural disaster. Lots is pointing to an assignment down this way – Emergency services are planning a national shake-out at 9:26am on Wednesday 26:9. They want 1 million people to act as if an EQ is hitting. To me that is all a bit too Babylon agreement pact hive mind fear harvest. That night at 9:26pm the lunar meridian is 55.8 degrees and 85.5% illumination. Sunday the 30th is full moon. The 29th is the last day for the USA to commit to support Israel. What say the US says no and the Israelis pop their party cracker they have hidden in London and at the same time set off a major EQ down here like the one they used to cover for the Libyan operation?

    • In some ways, it is preferable for the threat to exist rather than the actuality, so disaster scenario role plays can be just as effective as the real thing . But at some point, the public will forget about it if nothing happens .

      • I inquired of God what might be the sign near the end of days – what was I specifically to watch for, and I heard “When they shall say ‘peace and safety” then sudden destruction shall come, as with a woman in child-birth”.

        How about this for Orwellian opposites – Obama’s favourite TV program is Homeland. America has been remade in the image (by the imagination) of Disney!

        US Secretary of War has just left NZ – and something big is brewing…but it could all be just another feint…however a Naval Officer client I spoke to a few months ago expects war very soon, in fact he looked so cocky and confidant that it concerned me – I saw the same appearance of cockiness and confidence in Pinetta. These bastards think that they have it all worked out and planned to perfection, but God laughs at them, and so do I…

        • War is their business . If they don’t have an enemy, what would they do ?

          Obama and Homeland is the normal bollocks we’ve come to expect pre-election . I’m actually interested in where ‘home’ is for Obama, both literally (see birth cert) and genetically .

    • Thanks – I’ve added a small bit about the Super Bowl to the Santa Maria article under the numerology section . I hope it makes sense . Lets hope Santa Maria was sufficient .

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