Sarah Payne

I have decided to create a new page for the article ” Suffer the little Children ” so it does not get lost among all the other posts . Sarah Payne’s  tragic case touched me deeply and I do not want her story to be forgotten .



Sarah Payne was abducted and murdered on 1/7/2000 by Roy Whiting , who was subsequently tried and convicted . She had been taken from fields in Kingston Gorse near Littlehampton , West Sussex where she had been playing and her disappearance led to a massive search by the police and enormous media interest . Her body was later discovered in a field near Pulborough , about 20 miles away from Kingston Gorse on 17th July . Roy Whiting had been the police’s main suspect almost from the beginning but were unable to charge him for lack of evidence but after Sarah’s dress was found at Goose Green crossroads near Coolham , the necessary forensic tests enabled Whiting to be charged and on 12 the Dec 2001 he was sentenced to life imprisonment . It was a tragic and horrendous murder which shocked the whole of Great Britain and has led to the campaign for the introduction of  ‘ Sarah’s Law ’ , which is an increase in the knowledge of the public about the whereabouts of known paedophiles . Sarah’s mother Sara has been made Britain’s first Victims Commissioner and has dealt with her daughter’s murder in an incredibly brave and remarkable manner . But , once the trial  ended the story disappeared from the front pages and the public were reassured that the lone paedophile Roy Whiting was in prison and could not hurt any more children .

A few months ago , after reading that Matthew Delooze at was intending to write an article on Sarah Payne I made a journey to the area where Sarah’s body was found . I am not sure why I did , this but it turned out to be an interesting and illuminating trip . Matthew has decided , for the present , not to publish his article on Sarah Payne but I hope my insights will shed light on to this distressing murder . It had puzzled me , at the time of Sarah’s murder , why Whiting would have driven a 40 mile round trip and buried the body where he did , where he could so easily have been disturbed . West Sussex is a rural county and there are plenty of fields where he could easily have disposed of Sarah’s body but he chose a field just off the A29 , a very busy road especially in the evening after a sunny afternoon in the summer . I decided to retrace his steps from the Buck Barn Garage on the A24 , which were his first recorded movement , in his white van , on the night to Adversane where he was last seen . It struck me  his route was not random and that he knew exactly where he was going ( he had been brought up in Horsham , a few miles away , and would have known the area very well ) and that he would have had to be driving very fast to reach his destination from Buck Barn at 9.50 pm to Adversane  at 10.20 pm , which I thought would be the last thing you would want to do if you wanted to avoid bring attention to yourself from the police . For a more detailed account , please read the article at .  Whiting  had a reason for his route and he was also willing to put himself at considerable danger to complete his task .



In order to understand Roy Whiting’s motives and actions we have to go back to the 1970s . Charles Walker was a UFO enthusiast who was overtaken by events that occurred in Clapham Woods and Chanctonbury Ring , close to Littlehampton where Whiting lived . Over a period of 10 years there were four mysterious deaths  in Clapham Woods and evidence of occult activity had been discovered at Chanctonbury Ring . Also a large number of dogs had disappeared and Charles Walker placed various advertisements in local papers asking for help to discover the reason .In 1978 he was contacted by a man who asked to meet him in Clapham Woods .At the meeting the man claimed that he belonged to a satanic group known as the ‘ Friends of Hecate ‘ who were stealing the dogs and sacrificing them to the goddess Hecate . He said that there were many influential members in the group and in effect tried to warn off Charles Walker saying that no interference would be tolerated . The member of the group was never seen by Mr Walker and once he gave his warning , he left . To read the full story go to . I doubt very much if the Friends of Hecate are the groups real name but I believe that Roy Whiting was attached to this group and they were responsible for Sarah’s death . I do not make this claim lightly and I will show the links between the goddess Hecate and her death .

Hecate is an ancient Greek goddess who has changed into a very dark character who requires sacrifices and is seen by some as a dark goddess similar to Kali or Lilith . There are many websites written about her but for more information go to the following site : which gives comprehensive details about her history and characteristics .

I will now show the connections between Sarah Payne ‘ s murder and Hecate :

Hecate is the goddess of the crossroads , especially Y shaped crossroads . Whiting was seen at three places . Firstly , the Buck Barn garage , where he filled up his white van with fuel , is at a main crossroads . Secondly , at Goose Green crossroads where Sarah’s shoes and parts of her dress were found and lastly close to Adversane crossroads on the A29 where Sarah’s body was found . Goose Green and Adversane crossroads ‘ could be seen as Y shaped .

  • She is the triple headed goddess . I believe that the clothes and Sarah’s body were left as gifts to Hecate . It is possible that an item was left at the Buck Barn garage and was missed or not presented as evidence at the trial . The number of visits to the crossroads were linked to the three aspects of her character , maiden , mother and crone .
  • She is the goddess of the dark Moon . 1/7/2000 was the day of the new moon as well as being a partial eclipse of the sun . Whiting buried Sarah when the sun had gone down and the night was black .
  • The body of Sarah Payne was discovered in a field on 17/7/2000 . The 16/7 was the day of a lunar eclipse and also a full moon .
  • The main symbols of Hecate are a knife , a rope and a torch . It was widely reported that a knife and a rope were found in the back of his van . I would be surprised if a torch was not in his van as well .
  • I have seen Hecate described as a Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility . Sarah was found in a field belonging to the Brinsbury College of Agriculture .
  • A memorial service was held at Guildford Cathedral on 12/8/00 . Hecate has her own special day , the 13th August . the fact that this service was held on the eve of Hecate’s day is too much of a coincidence for me .
  • Black occultists like to reverse Christian symbology eg : The cross of Jesus will be worn upside down . Sarah’s burial occurred on 31/8 – if reversed this is the same day as 13/8 – Hecate’s special day . Gifts are also meant to be left to her on the last day of the month .

I have two other reasons to be suspicious . Firstly , I cannot understand why Roy Whiting was only sentenced to four years in prison ( released after two years ) after he had lured an eight year old girl into a van and sexually assaulted her in 1995 . Secondly , he attended a mechanics course at Lancing College , West Sussex when he was 18 , close to where he would live nearly 20 years later . This implies to me that he had connections to the area for a long time as he was living in Crawley , approximately 20 miles away , when the course was held .

I doubt if Roy Whiting was the only person involved . From what I have seen and heard he would not have had the intelligence to plan this and I am sure he had no say when the memorial service and burial took place . Michael and Sara Payne ’s problems with alcohol and descent into some terrible underworld , would be a natural reaction to such a horrific experience and no blame can be placed at their door . A large organisation is involved and I suspect it is not just confined to that area of West Sussex . I , also , suspect it has many members in positions of authority as Charles Walker was told back in the 1970s . I have detailed the evidence as I see it and the evidence points to something a lot bigger than the lone paedophile , Roy Whiting .

40 thoughts on “Sarah Payne

  1. my name is jane .my husband is a child abuser and is traveling to and from england .he is a sick pervert and has abused anumber ofchildren .he travels to a women in manningtree in essex.I have told this women he is a child abuser and she does not seem to belive me all the proof is here in ireland .he is capable of anything .i want to wan parents in that area about him .I need you help please dont let himdestroy another childs life .i need your help in this matter

  2. The kiddifiddling and murder of youngsters has been going on unabated by occultists and stonecutters here in the UK for ages.

    Check out the excellent book “Dunblane Unburied” by Sandra Uttley for details of how the well connected folk of scotland like to organize their own little Columbine for kiddies.

    Thomas Hamilton was deeply involved in this acting for many years as a supplier of child sexual services to the twisted elite in Scotland. George Robertson was an unlikely choice for Secretary General of NATO even without him having sponsored Thomas Hamilton’s shotgun licence application.

    But I guess its all OK that we will never know since the real info has been sealed as Absolutely Secret (National Security) for minimum 80 years a result of the Cullen inquiry as the truth had it emerged would have ended the government of former pupil at Geddes College Tony Blair.
    Follow this link.

  3. With reference to my previous post i am pretty sure that the link to the scotsman will be taken down so here is the full text of the story. Notice how the direct question “are you a Mason?”
    is never really answered.
    Question on Masonic links left Dunblane inquiry chief stunned
    Published Date: 05 October 2005
    LORD Cullen, who presided over the Dunblane inquiry, was “taken aback” when he was asked to declare whether he was a Freemason, newly released papers have revealed.
    Documents relating to the school massacre, released after a 100-year secrecy rule was lifted, show how police investigated claims of a Masonic conspiracy.
    But they appear to give little support to lingering suspicions of a cover-up involving police, politicians and other senior public figures.
    Among the 3,000 letters and reports uncovered is correspondence between a member of public and Lord Cullen’s office regarding suggestions that the gunman, Thomas Hamilton, and senior police, who were aware of concerns over summer camps and clubs he ran, were Masons.
    In one letter, the member of public, whose name has been concealed, wrote to Lord Cullen’s office after a date for a preliminary inquiry hearing was set.
    The letter, dated 11 April 1996 – less than a month after Hamilton killed 16 pupils and a teacher at Dunblane Primary School – said: “It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason, given the widely held view by the public that Thomas Hamilton’s Masonic affiliation was probably the reason that the Ombudsman overturned an earlier decision by Central Regional Council in 1983 to prevent Hamilton from running youth clubs, and that his Masonic affiliation probably facilitated his application for a gun licence.”
    The letter-writer said anyone involved in the inquiry who turned out to be a Freemason should be forced to resign – and that included Lord Cullen.
    The letter went on: “It is far too important to allow the Masonic implication to be whitewashed by furtive operations in the Freemasons, intent only in ‘diverting a discourse’ – a Masonic ruse – from the involvement of Freemasons and Freemasonry.”
    A handwritten note, apparently written by court staff after consulting with Lord Cullen, is marked “verbal response” and dated 18 April. It says “taken aback by the letter” and “not a Freemason, never has been”.
    Hamilton wrote scores of letters to police, council officials, MPs and even the Queen, claiming he had been the victim of a grand conspiracy to prevent him running boys’ clubs.
    In a statement given to Central Scotland Police in June 1996, an unnamed Grand Lodge of Scotland leader said he was aware of press speculation that Hamilton was a Mason, but said he did not think this was true as it “would have come to light immediately after the Dunblane incident”.

    • As a Mason in two sepperate constitutions i can assure you that any actions as described above cannot be further from the truth and mission statements of all Masonic institutions around the world. Conspiracy websites (which i thuroughly enjoy) tend to romantisise and invent the most increddible claims to lay at the door of every masonic establishment and the reality is that a Mason gets governed by increddible restrictions. Both in terms of regarding the law, and more. E.g. if a Mason cheats on his spouce, or steals/cheats someone in his business he would be immediatly kicked out of his lodge. Morals are everything, and every practicing mason ( of confirmed and recognised constitutions) (thus EXCLUDING America) are active in their lodges as a way to condition themselves to be better people, living by a higher discipline of ethics in a world where ethics and principals are rappidly deteriorating. If a person executes a crime like the one discussed above it reflects on Masons as a whole, in almost the exact way that a Christian commiting a serious crime reflects on the whole of Christianity. Or we could say, that every mass murderer who underwent schooling or an education proves that the educational system turns people into Mass murderers. Sometimes evil deeds are just a symptom of a seriously screwed up individuals. P.s. English is ot my first laguage so i do appologise if my spelling ad tenses are wrong.

      • It nice to hear from someone whose own experience lends a little depth to the discussion from a slightly different interior point of view. Perhaps the Nordic lodges are an altogether more civillised place. Perhaps the only darkness that exists is as shakespeare might say ignorance but if mankind is ignorant then all Masons shall stand condemned before the Great Architect. I suspect that you are a very well meaning member of the blue degrees but you would do well to remember that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Please dont get your tongue torn out trying to add a little balance to our discussion here. I wish you well – Namaste

    • Thanks for the comments – I haven’t gone into Dunblane as so many others have researched it pretty thoroughly like your self . The media loves to portray these killers as loners but Hamilton was a respected member of the Scottish society . I remember hearing an interview with one of the Murray brothers ( tennis ) who talked about getting a lift from Hamilton when younger . But they dont like to look further .

      Your avatar is an automated icon from WordPress . You might find something similar on Google .

  4. To the author of this article, you are an incredibly paranoid individual. Doing what typical paranoid people do, joining up unconnected dots to build a picture that isn’t there, but that fits in with your paranoid mindset.

    The ‘connections’ to Sarah Payne and the goddess Hecate are non existent. You have used uncontrollable factors as links or evidence, such as the date her body was discovered.

    As is always the way with Satanism, erratic assumptions are made by those not involved. The word ‘occult’, meaning hidden, says it all. With very little spoken about it, there is plenty of room for the paranoid to make fantastical speculation without reasonable evidence.

    • Ozmonster – You are making a big assumption – you state I am an ‘incredibly paranoid’ individual without having met me . How do you know ? In some ways, I wish it was as simple as that and that would make all this crap go away but it won’t .

      I am not attempting to convince you or anyone, but I would suggest you read the tale of Charles Walker, do a bit of research on Hecate and make a trip to the various locations in Sussex and then tell me I’m ‘paranoid’ .

      • OZ=77 in the occult. Thus, the false flag terror of 7/7 in England. Look it up. One of Aleister Crowley’s prime numbers. If you like, you can read about it in my book Prophet of Evil. Most likely, OZMONSTER has a deep occult background and understanding. Best, William Ramsey

  5. Obviously I don’t know you, it’s a label based on what you’ve written here. I thought that would have been obvious considering I stated it in a response to this article.

    I’ve spoken to many who are paranoid about Satanism, and they behave in the same way. Connecting dots that don’t exist to build the very picture they are worried about. I’ve read the reasons you gave for your suspicion in the article, and I’m the opposite of convinced. Roy Whiting was an opportunist nonce and you haven’t given any evidence suggesting otherwise. You will obviously disagree, but seeing patterns that don’t exist is typical paranoia hence my conclusion.

  6. Do you genuinely believe there is a link between Roy Whiting fuelling his van at a crossroads and the goddess Hecate?

    • As the saying goes ‘ASS U Me’ makes an ‘ass of you and me’ . If you read the article you will see it was three crossroads . Again, I would ask you to read about Charles Walker and the history of the area, Hecate and visit Sussex and then tell me what you think .

      It would have been easier for me not to write the article as I fully expected your type of response but as I said, I’m not trying to convince anyone .

  7. It could have been ten crossroads, it wouldn’t have made a difference. The fact that you want to link something as everyday as a crossroad to occultist activity kind of says it all. Also I want to bring up this passage :

    “•The main symbols of Hecate are a knife , a rope and a torch . It was widely reported that a knife and a rope were found in the back of his van . I would be surprised if a torch was not in his van as well .

    You’d be surprised if a torch was not found, well a torch wasn’t found but that still seems to count as evidence in your eyes regardless. Not that a torch would be an extraordinary item to find in a van, and tbh if we’re talking about a murderer (which we are), neither would a knife or rope.

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  9. From 1/7/2000 (Sarah Payne murdered) to 22/9/2012 (Jill Meagher missing) is 4466 days or 12yrs 2 mths 21 days.

    4466. What a notable number!

    4466 = 638 weeks exactly.

    4466 = 29 x (77+77)

    Looking at the years and months numbers we see 12221 formed.
    Perfect symmetry!

    12221 = 11 x 1111.

    12221 = 11 x 101 x 11. More perfect symmetry.

    Others have said that the wicked satan-worshipping elite do everything ‘by the numbers’ so as to curry favour for their wicked projects.

  10. Hi Frank

    Like you I’ve never believed the official story, you’ll have already seen the painting that Sarah did? (Checkerboard floor, twin pillars, man with an apron)
    I remember reading that the day she was abducted happened to be a major Masonic calendar event, rituals took place along a specific Leyline across the UK…you can guess where the Leyline crossed…

  11. interesting, frank. escpecially as I recently watched a shocking movie about children murdered in the north of UK…what the hell is going on in britain?!

    I follow your points in the article and it does sound reasonable this Whiting was not alone. and of course I disgust black magic rituals which I though consider possible :((

    still, always considering people misinterpret things, I have some thoughts on the occult, satanic and hecate….none of these 3 words necessarily lead to bloody black magic practices.

    occultism to me simply is dealing with hidden spheres. satanism has a lot to do with christianity and some satanists may be closer to christ than some priests. and also hecate….to me seems rather the portrait of the old female goddesses and does not necessarily mean dark as “dark-bad” and if you ask me about her symbols: major, basic zivilisation tools….the cutting tool, fire (light, warmth, cooking) and the rope is a basic textile element and very useful when being outdoors….some nerds may interpret this in a destructive way but to me this is a positive divine image.
    christianity (as other dominant beliefs) has a long history in deforming archaic imagery and symbolism. and I am not afraid of the dark…what I am afraid of is the violence

    I am not sure however how this would change anything…. maybe the Y is not hecate or it was a ritual to harm the female , harm hecate but not worship her….something patriarchalic christians might do? just my thoughts.

    • Hi Yidam – even though I do understand your points, it is just a cover for a very dark consciousness . Obviously not all occultists are nasty people but it is used as a screen to cover up the darkness within . Hope it makes sense .

      • Interesting. I remember at the time finding Sarah’s funeral to be freaky- based on the funeral of Princess Diana who died 31/08/1997, at a crossroads.

  12. I thought this article was very interesting. To think that these filth are getting away with this stuff is terrible. I was wondering if you are aware that Jimmy saville got pulled in by the yorkshire police when they were hunting the Yorkshire ripper? they were so convinced that he was involved that they took casts of his teeth(some of the victims were bitten). Of course this was kept out of the press at the time, and so was the fact that one of the victims was found almost on saville’s doorstep! perhaps this explains why saville used to visit Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor and staff could hear them roaring with laughter. I guess the laugh is on us, the long-suffering citizens of this country.

  13. This world is run by a secret society network of satanic paedophiles with one agenda (Agenda 21). See UK Column and David Icke.

  14. You are right to say that influential people were involved in the murder of Sarah Payne. Ellis Taylor tells us that a certain James Paine, a prominent architect in the 18th century worked for the dukes of Devonshire. He also worked at a place called the Bury where Sarah Payne’s body was found. Stella Tennant, a model and niece of the duke of Devonshire, has a photograph of someone’s severed foot proudly displayed in her kitchen. Imagine her children looking at it everyday at breakfast. This is how they raise furture insensitive monsters with a taste for sacrifice.

    In my view, Sarah Payne’s fate was sealed long before she was born. Apparently she was a Moon Princess, and so her 18th Century architect uncle, James Paine, a freemason no doubt, must have benefited greatly from her execution. But then the so called “Good God”, He of the Light doesn’t care, does he? According to Ellis Taylor, who loves God so much, “the names Sarah Payne add to 16, which relates to the Tower in the tarot: “The number 16 is always associated with tragic events providing unavoidable lessons aimed directly at demolishing ego”. God must have been elated, then. Sarah Payne, aged 8, has certainly learnt her “lesson” and has had her ego crushed.

    The death of Sarah Payne is one of the reasons why I hate God. We are nothing more than packaged meat for the Devil, and God doesn’t give a damn whether we live or are butchered everyday senselessly.

    • I don’t know if your inferior mind is able to grasp what I’m about to say, Griffiths, but it’s because I love myself that I hate God, who created vile beings like you. You must indeed be vile to publish comments such as: “Does anybody have Sarah Payne’s email address as I want to message her?”. You are a hypocrite and a voyeur who says that that little girl didn’t deserve what happened to her, and who then goes on to publish imbecilic and insensitive comments. We are talking about a little girl who was raped and murdered here, so show some respect, you idiot!

  15. Followed this blog with interest. After reading of the disappearance of the magistrates son from putney. ‘Mr Mehrotra’s son Vishal was abducted as he walked home to Putney after watching the Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer ride to their wedding in a carriage on July 29,.
    From the telegraph. ‘In Febraury 1982, part of Vishal’s skeleton was found in woodland in West Sussex. There was no trace of his legs, pelvis or lower spine, nor of his outer clothes, his sleeveless vest or his Superman underpants.’
    At the inquest into his death, the West Sussex coroner Mark Calvert Lee recorded an open verdict but said “foul play” was likely.
    A lot of this, especially the location does tie in with your theory and it seems a lot of information is now comming out. As soon as I read the location West sussex I searched friends of Hecate and came up with your website. However, if these depraved people are utilising Hecate for the own nefarious purposes do they realise that there will always be a price to pay in the end.

    • Hi Sandra – good to hear from you. Ellis Taylor originally found the pic a number of years ago now. The story of Sarah Payne has personal links with me and there’s so much behind it.

      My view is that it’s not Lilith but Hecate, but that’s probably nit picking.

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