Saturn Rising
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Saturn Rising

Something must be coming . Now ‘Saturn’s Rising’ and ‘Saturn’s Returning’ from the deep !   Apollo 11 – Saturn V   From BBC News : “Two long-lost engines from Apollo-era rockets have been hauled from a depth of more than 4km in the Atlantic Ocean. The F-1 engines are from the first stage of … Continue reading

Barack Obama, The Ice Sculpture And The Iceman
Conspiracy / Synchronicity

Barack Obama, The Ice Sculpture And The Iceman

Further to “Obama And Satan’s Return” . From Wiki : “Traditionally rulership of the signs was, according to Ptolemy, based on seasonal derivations and astronomical measurement, whereby the luminaries being the brightest planets were given rulership of the brightest months of the year and Saturn the coldest furthest classical planet was given to the coldest … Continue reading


Venus And Mars

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the Venus and Mars connections . What with one thing and another, it didn’t resonate until now .   “Venus and Mars” by Botticelli   I suspect we may be in for a bumpy ride this summer . Over the last year or so, I have warmed to the idea … Continue reading


The Stars of Isis

This will probably be the last post showing the influence of Isis in mainstream life unless something happens where I need to show the connection . I am certain I will write more posts about the ‘Sirius Connection’ as I think Sirius is at the heart of 2012 and maybe the history of mankind . Just … Continue reading