Extra-Terrestrial / Isis


This may interest readers who followed my Sirius articles, in which I hypothesised that in some way, we were seeing the rebirth of Sirius or a new Sun (or Son) . NASA is preparing to launch a new object into space, Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array or NuSTAR on June 13th ! How about this image … Continue reading


Venus And Mars

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the Venus and Mars connections . What with one thing and another, it didn’t resonate until now .   “Venus and Mars” by Botticelli   I suspect we may be in for a bumpy ride this summer . Over the last year or so, I have warmed to the idea … Continue reading


The Stars of Isis

This will probably be the last post showing the influence of Isis in mainstream life unless something happens where I need to show the connection . I am certain I will write more posts about the ‘Sirius Connection’ as I think Sirius is at the heart of 2012 and maybe the history of mankind . Just … Continue reading


The Third Sun Of Sirius

Thanks to Miranda and Sirius . Another day, another post but it is 2012 after all . What did I expect – a walk in the path ? This morning , I received an e-mail from Miranda in which she suggested there maybe a mermaid link to all of this and the Whitney Houston death … Continue reading